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What Is Beard Oil?

What Is Beard Oil?
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With hundreds of shaving products out there today to help you with your grooming routine, you might be left scratching your head and wondering what you really need. That’s why we’re here to guide you on the essentials that should always live in your bathroom.

One of the most popular items that’s designed to offer easier grooming is beard oil. If you’re not sure exactly what this product’s for, it helps you to reduce irritation while you shave and trim and offers a closer shave.

This product is a prep item to apply to your shaving surface, just like shaving cream or foam. Some barbers and guys prefer to use beard oil for its clear appearance that lets you see exactly where you’re going with your razor. You might find a similar experience using shaving gel’s creamy and clear lather – we suggest trying our pre-and-post-shave products to find your ideal match.

So how exactly does men’s beard oil do this and are there other products that offer similar benefits? Explore our guide now to find out all the answers to your grooming questions.

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How to Use Men’s Beard Oil

So you’re ready to update your grooming routine and want to know how to use beard oil!

• The first step before using any formulation should be pre-soaking your facial hair with warm water to make moving your razor over stubble much easier • Next grab your men’s beard oil and start by dabbing just a few drops on your skin’s surface • Gently rub this product in with a circular motion and cover any beard hair you’re going to tidy up • With these prep essentials in place, using your razor or electric shaver from Gillette should be even easier than your normal routine

This base product provides a first layer before your razor touches your skin and you might find it even easier to get a closer shave than normal. It’s worth experimenting with your routine – why not try some of our post-shave products to leave your facial hair feeling nourished?

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Electric Beard Oil

Lots of guys prefer to use the trimming power of a shaver like our All-Purpose Styler. This device trims with an even, close and precise finish. One thing to look out for is that you might see electric beard oil designed just for use with these devices.

The main difference that you’ll see is a slightly thicker formulation that works to protect your skin better and give optimal glide with an electric device.

Remember that along with any shaving prep products that you might buy to supplement your shaving experience, you should always use the sharpest blades with your razor. We suggest replacing the head of your preferred option as soon as you feel dragging or nicking or notice your Lubrastrip has started to fade.

This is one of the best ways to avoid irritation while shaving– with fewer passes over your skin, you’re a whole lot less likely to drag and cause unwanted redness. With our razor subscription service, you can be sure to be well stocked as soon as you need to switch things up.

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Answering All Your Questions on Beard Oil for your Face

You might still have shaving questions that need expert advice – find out all you need to know about good grooming now and explore our FAQs on all the other need to knows you might have to use Gillette products the right way!

Can You Use Beard Oil With A Straight Razor Or Safety Razor?

Using a straight razor is one of the more complex ways to shave and we normally suggest calling on the help of an expert barber before using one. If you’re thinking of trimming with our double edge safety razor, men’s beard oil is a great first step before trying this unique shaving experience.

Are There Any Beard Oils That Work Better for Coarse Hair?

Each type of beard oil for your face is different and you might find that thicker formulas work better for guys with coarse beard hair. Finer facial growth might be better suited to a lighter product – try out to see for yourself!

Does Beard Oil Help to Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

If you want to avoid the uncomfortable experience of itchy, ingrown hairs, there are a few ways that you can step up your shaving routine. Some of our top tips include, shaving with the grain, exfoliating and remembering to moisturise after shaving – you might find that electric beard oil enhances your razor’s glide and reduces irritation too.

Are There Any Beard Oils for Sensitive Skin?

Some beard oil products out there come in a no foam offering that is designed to help sensitive skin sufferers. Another way you can help to defend your healthy skin surface is with our Gillette Skin range – including a gentle face wash, shaving gel and much more!

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