Facial Hair Styles

The Best Faded Beard Styles

The short back and sides cut has been a popular hair style for many, many years. It’s a classic, to say the least. Whilst many still sport this super-slick look, a new and updated version has swept into popular culture over the last few years and become a hit with men all over.


The temple fade, also known as a Brooklyn fade, gained massive popularity in the 90s in African American barbershops. In later years, this look also became popular in Turkey and has since made its way over to the UK.

While many accompany this sharp look with a clean-shaven face, it is now becoming increasingly popular to not only fade the hair on your head, but your face as well.

What is a Fade?

A fade is a gradual transition of lengths and colour of the hair or beard. This can be achieved using a trimmer like our King C. Gillette Style Master, with three stubble styling options, perfect for all beard types.

So, if you have decided to let your barber focus on your hair while you focus on your beard at home, we have you covered.

Short Faded Beard Styles

Mastering the art of beard trimming is a skill to be proud of. No doubt, it takes time to perfect but when you get there, you’ll never turn back. Shaving at home is cost effective, convenient and the possibilities are endless!

Here’s 3 of the best short faded beard styles to try:

1. Medium Shadow Fade

Just like the name suggests, this is a medium fade that is subtle but sharp and eye-catching. Simply grab your Beard and Moustache Trimmer and trim your beard to the same length all over. Then blend the tip of your beard into a zero that merges with the fade of your hair.

2. Sharp Faded Line

Perfect if you have a skin fade haircut, this is a super-clean look that will have heads turning. Keep the beard nice and tidy all over, skin fade the sideburns with your trimmer and shape up the cheeks using King C. Gillette Shaving Gel and Double Edge Razor for that impeccable finish.

3. Chinstrap Shadow Effect

This style is perfect for short and patchy beard types, achieving a textured and dimensional look. Shape a thin line of facial hair along the jawline and fade into the same length of your hair above your ears.

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Facial Hair Styles

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Faded Long Beard Styles

Beards longer in length are often seen as statement beards. They can give your face a real chiseled look and can be executed by men of all types, from bald all the way to long luscious locks. Check out these faded long beard styles you can try.

1. Full Beard Fade

This style is for those serious about their well-groomed, grown out beard. Let’s face it: it’s taken a long time to grow that impressive statement beard, so you need to do your best to add some crisp finishing touches.

Maintain a longer length around the moustache and chin area and take your King C. Gillette Style Master to your cheeks for a gradual fade into your hair.

2. Long Ducktail Beard

A statement beard at its finest, this sharp, pointed look is ideal for fully grown out beards. Keep the hair on your cheeks and goatee area the same length and craft the long beard hair on your chin into a sharp point. You can also fade the tip of your beard above your ears to give yourself a double faded look.

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Facial Hair Styles

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3. Thick Neckline Beard

An edgy and modern look that works best for those with a prominent jaw and strong facial features. A perfect hybrid between a long statement beard and a sharp faded look.

Keep the beard thick around the face and line up nicely under the chin, leaving no hair on your neck. Take your Double Edge Razor around the cheeks to finish off with a super-sharp, blocky line.

Top Tips

Right, now that you have some faded beard styles to play with, we’ve put together some top tips for maintaining a healthy beard.

1. Wash Your Beard 2-3 Times a Week

Maintaining a clean beard will help your beard thrive and work towards avoiding any dryness or oily build up. Washing your beard will also nourish the skin under your beard and ward off any dry skin. King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash is designed for all beard types and can be used daily. Simply squeeze, work it in and rinse. You’ll be feeling cleansed in no time.

2. Brush Your Beard Regularly

Combing your beard regularly can help to keep it soft and healthy and reduce beard itch and dandruff. It may also lead to extra development of your beard due to the stimulation of blood flow in the area.

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3. Moisturise Regularly

King C. Gillette Moisturiser can help maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier and soothe and relieve signs of dryness. This is a must-have for the overall health of your beard.






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