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The Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Range of Shaving Products

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The Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Range of Shaving Products

Mildly scented with fragrance technology that has been made for men with sensitive skin, the Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive range has been designed to help men whenever they shave. Each of the products has been designed to work together in such a way that they assist with the maintenance of clean and comfortable skin. Some products help to prepare the skin prior to shaving while others help to protect it during the shave. There again, the SKIN range also includes skincare products for after each shave to help offer even greater comfort. What's more, they have all been dermatologically tested by men with sensitive skin. Packaged with clear recycling instructions, the SKIN range has also been reviewed and accredited by the British Skin Foundation.

Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Face Wash

Designed to help promote healthy-looking skin, the Gillette SKIN face wash can be used every day as a part of a skincare routine. This product helps to prepare the skin and to soften facial hairs prior to shaving. Overall, the face wash helps to purify and thoroughly clean the skin, thereby helping to prevent the chances of future irritation.

Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam

Formulated with a touch of menthol for the fresh skin feel men expect from their shaves, the Gillette SKIN shaving foam helps to protect even sensitive skin as it is shaved. It does this by helping to formcushioning anti-friction layer between the skin and blade. No parabens, dyes or alcohol have been used in the formulation of this shaving mousse.

Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Shaving Gel

All that is needed is to dispense a small amount of the Gillette SKIN shaving gel into your hands before rubbing it to transform this clear gel into a rich, dense foam. The gel subsequently forms a lather which helps to keep moisture in the beard hairs, making them easier to cut.

Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Shaving Cream

The Gillette SKIN shaving cream helps men with sensitive skin to obtain the advanced glide control they want so they can enjoy a close, comfortable shave. Mildly scented with a comforting formula, this product, like all of the others in the range, has no alcohol or dyes included in its formulation.

Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Post Shave Balm

Containing emollient oils in a formula that helps to leave the skin feeling smooth and comfortable by helping to retain moisture in the skin, the Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive shaving balm moisturises to help soothe freshly shaved sensitive skin. Even better, thenon-sticky, non-greasy formula is instantly absorbed into the skin.

Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Moisturiser

Helping to replenish moisture to strengthen the skin's natural barrier, leaving it looking and feeling healthy, the SKIN moisturiser by Gillette is designed to be used daily, even on days when you don't shave. It is formulatedto apply smoothly onto the skin without leaving a heavy, sticky residue. With amild scent, the moisturiser's comforting formula is infused with both shea butter and vitamin E, matching the rest of the range.

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