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How to Teach Your Son to Shave

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When you son needs to shave for the first time, it can feel like a real turning point in your relationship – it’s a chance for you to pass on some crucial advice that he’ll keep using for the rest of his life, and maybe even pass on to his own son one day.

You’ll both know when he’s ready for his first shave – the fluffy facial ‘hair’ will be a pretty big giveaway.

Shaving is something that soon becomes second nature, so you’ve probably not had to think about exactly how you go about it for some time. That’s why we’ve compiled this recap of our best shaving tips for first-time shavers and old(er) hands who want to refresh their knowledge and pass on the best advice possible.

Shaving 101

We can all fall into bad habits, so even if you’ve been shaving for decades, it can pay to remind yourself of recommended shaving tips.

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Shave Prep is Key

Make sure your son knows how important it is to use a shaving gel or foam – either is fine, as long as they’re lubricating their face with something before they start.

Using a shaving cream softens facial hair to make it easier to cut, and it protects skin from the full brunt of the razor, which is especially important when shaving sensitive skin or if they suffer from spots. If you never had to deal with this yourself, check out our advice on shaving with acne.

Practice Makes Perfect

Using a razor can take some time to get used to, so it’s a good idea to practice before shaving for the first time.

Gentle, downwards strokes that go with the grain (the direction that hair grows in) rather than against the grain are best for a comfortable first shave.

Suggest to your son that he practices these movements using something like a shaving brush or toothbrush first to get used to the motions.

Choose a Quality Razor

It can be hard to know which razor to choose when you’re new to shaving, so if you’ve always used Gillette, point your son in the same direction.

Both our SkinGuard Sensitive FlexBall Power Razor and ProGlide Razor are easy to use to navigate all the curves and contours that can take time to get used to, thanks to the FlexBall technology in their handles.

These are both great choices for a first shave, but they each have their own unique benefits:

  • Fusion5 ProGlide has five anti-friction blades to capture virtually every hair for a beautifully smooth shave
  • SkinGuard Sensitive has a specially designed skin guard to reduce the pressure of the blades on the skin for a more comfortable shave and less risk of irritation, making it perfect for anyone with sensitive skin

Even if you’re used to a different Gillette razor, you’ll know that the same quality is guaranteed with one of these. Remember that the razor you point them towards now could be the one they use for the rest of their life, so it’s an important decision.

Clean Blades Carefully

Knowing how to clean razor blades early on is extremely valuable. Pass on the advice to rinse them gently in between every few strokes, making sure to never tap them on the side of the sink – instead, you should carefully shake them dry.

It’s also important to never dry blades with a towel, as this can dull or damage them, which can increase the risk of shaving cuts. Using one of our razor stands or razor hangers can allow them to air dry instead.

Learn How to Change a Razor Blade

If a blade is dull or damaged, this is a sign that it needs changing. If you’re using a razor that has a built-in Lubrastrip, it’ll start to fade eventually, which will be another sign that it’s ready to be changed.

Changing a razor cartridge requires care and precision – hold the razor steady in one hand using your thumb or index finger to activate the cartridge eject mechanism, gently pulling upwards, until it’s released.

Discard the used blade safely, taking care to avoid touching the sharp edge, and replace it with a fresh blade, making sure it’s properly secured before using.

Find out how to recycle old razor blades.

Take Care with Aftershave

Applying aftershave as part of a post-shave routine can soothe and protect the skin to help keep razor burn at bay.

However, it’s important for younger shavers to avoid being too heavy-handed to help avoid any post-shave sting. Aftershave balms tend to be a little kinder to younger skin, and ours contains aloe vera for extra soothing power and even more comfort.

Don’t Shave Too Often

It can take years for a beard to fill out properly, so make sure your son knows to be patient and explain how long it took for you to build up to shaving as often as you do now.

Shaving too often when you don’t need to can irritate the skin, making razor burn and ingrown hairs more likely.

Shaving Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Once they’ve got the shaving basics nailed, make sure to pass on these shaving tips to make the process even easier:

  • Washing your face before shaving softens facial hair to make it easier to cut
  • Shaving in the shower helps to hydrate and lubricate beard hair – and it means there’s no need to clean the sink afterwards
  • Working up a lather with your shaving cream helps it to go even further
  • You shouldn’t place too much pressure on your razor with your hands – let the blades do most of the work instead
  • Multi-blade razors with more blades are designed for greater shaving efficiency – this is why the razors in the Gillette Fusion5 range with their five anti-friction blades are so popular, as they can capture virtually every hair

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Gillette’s Shave Club: Our Ultimate Shaving Tip

Our final shaving tip to make the whole experience even easier is to sign up to Gillette’s shave club.

Taking out a shaving subscription with Gillette means you’ll get razor blades delivered to your door as often as you need them, which is especially handy for guys who are new to shaving and not used to regularly stocking up on fresh blades.

How to Know When to Shave for the First Time

Face Shaving Tips

How to Know When to Shave for the First Time

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