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What’s the Best Safety Razor for Me?

What’s the Best Safety Razor for Me?

Safety razors have evolved dramatically over the past century, and we’re extremely proud that Gillette has been at the forefront of this innovation.

In 1903, we introduced the world’s first two-piece safety razor, which had a thin, strong, sharp double-edged blade attached to a reusable razor handle.

The first double-edged safety razor blade from Gillette.

Fast-forward to 1971, and we pushed razor innovation one step further, launching the first safety razor with twin blades, before enhancing this with a pivoting head in 1977 to deliver an even closer shave.

Gillette has been at the forefront of safety razor innovation since 1903.
In 1998, we launched Gillette Mach3, the first safety razor with three-blade technology, later enhancing this model with the Mach3 Turbo, which includes extra lubricants and a larger skin guard for a smoother, closer, safer shave.

Gillette’s innovation spans more than a century, and our current safety razors offer better precision, performance and protection than ever. Here’s why you should still use a Gillette safety razor today, over 115 years after their introduction:

What is a Safety Razor?

A safety razor is a razor with added protection in between the blade and your skin, such as a skin guard or some extra lubrication.

This enhanced protection is there to protect your skin from irritation such as razor bumps and ingrown hairs during shaving.

How to Use a Safety Razor

There are a few things you should bear in mind when using a safety razor:

  • Use it alongside a shaving gel or shaving foam to lubricate your face even more for a seriously smooth, comfortable shave
  • Clean your razor by rinsing it after every few strokes. Find out more about caring for your razor below:
How to Care for Your Razor: Blade Cleaning and Storage Tips

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How to Care for Your Razor: Blade Cleaning and Storage Tips

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  • Make sure you don’t tap your razor on the side of the sink or wipe it on a towel, as this can damage the intricate design that makes it so effective
  • Always finish with a post-shave routine to get the very best results
  • Store your razor correctly when you’ve finished shaving to help it to stay in the best condition – if your razor came with a holder, use that

Find the Best Safety Razor for You

Our collection includes a variety of safety razors, each developed using over 115 years’ of shaving innovation. The best safety razor for you will depend on what you’re looking for from your shaving experience, as well as your skin type.

The Best Safety Razor for Precision and Performance

In 2006, we launched the Gillette Fusion5 Razor with five anti-friction blades for a shave you can barely feel – and even more comfort than the Mach3.

Four years later, we released the ProGlide collection, which provides even better precision and performance, thanks to thinner and finer anti-friction blades (compared to the first four blades of the original Fusion5 razor).

In 2014, we enhanced its performance further with the launch of the ProGlide with FlexBall technology, a multi-pivoting razor designed to easily navigate every curve and contour of your face, capturing virtually every hair along the way.

This range is a perfect example of what we’re most passionate about at Gillette – continually making small changes to be the best you can be.

The Best Safety Razor for a Cooling Shave

We also have the Gillette ProShield Chill, which features the five anti-friction blades this collection is known for, FlexBall technology in the razor handle, plus in-built cooling technology, delivered to your face while you shave via the protective Lubrastrip.

ProShield Chill is designed to bring a cooling, refreshing, tingling sensation to your face and neck while you shave for a more enjoyable shaving experience.

The Best Safety Razor for Sensitive Skin

Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive is the most recent safety razor to be added to our collection. Launched in 2018, this is our first razor designed especially for men with sensitive skin.

SkinGuard Sensitive – The First Razor Designed for Men with Sensitive Skin

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SkinGuard Sensitive – The First Razor Designed for Men with Sensitive Skin

2019-01-23 16:53:38By Gillette

It features lubrication before and after each blade, as well as enhanced SkinGuard technology to limit the level of direct contact between your face and the blades to reduce the risk of skin irritation and razor burn.

The handle of our SkinGuard Sensitive razor is designed to absorb some of the pressure from your hand with each stroke, for a gentler, more comfortable shave.

What’s Next for Safety Razors?

The next safety razor is always getting closer – we’re always looking for ways to improve your shaving experience. We’re passionate about helping you look, feel and perform your best every day, and that drives our quest to give men the closest and most precise shave in the world.

As King C. Gillette said more than a century ago: “We’ll stop making razor blades when we can’t keep making them better.”

Make sure you never run out of safety razor blades and sign up for a Gillette razor subscription today.




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