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Why Exfoliating is Essential for a Smooth Shave

Why Exfoliating is Essential for a Smooth Shave

From applying a hydrating shaving gel, to using fresh razor blades and always moisturising, there are lots of factors that can help you to get a smoother shave.

But how often do you exfoliate? Using an exfoliator before shaving is one of the most important factors in getting a smooth, close shave. Whether you buy a gentle face scrub, or mix your own using naturally-exfoliating ingredients, like oatmeal and sea salt, make sure you’re not skipping this crucial stage when shaving if you’re aiming for a perfectly smooth finish.

What Does Exfoliating Do?

Exfoliating helps to remove dry or dead skin cells from the very top layer of your skin to keep it looking fresh. Additionally, exfoliating helps to unclog pores and get rid of dead skin, creating a more optimal surface to shave.

Another benefit of exfoliating is that using circular scrubbing motions also helps to improve your circulation, keeping your skin looking fresh and glowing.

Why You Need to Exfoliate Before Shaving

Exfoliating before shaving provides your razor with a much smoother surface to glide across for a smoother shave. This isn’t just because excess dirt, oil and dead skin cells are removed, but also because exfoliating lifts hairs to stop them from lying flat against your skin.

If your facial hair is lying flat, your razor will be forced to pull up the hair, meaning there’s more chance of painful nicks and tugs from your blade.

Lifting hairs before shaving also means your shaving gel or foam can get much closer to your skin, for an even smoother finish and extra protection from shaving side effects like razor bumps. Most men make between 40 and 1000 strokes with their razor every time they shave, so you need to do everything you can to keep your skin smooth and free from irritation – using our SkinGuard Sensitive Razor could also help which is specifically designed to help prevent irritation.

How to Exfoliate Your Face Before Shaving

Follow these simple steps…

  • Before you exfoliate, splash your face with warm water to soften your facial hair and loosen any dry or dead skin – this makes it easier for the exfoliating product to do its job.
  • Next, it’s time to apply the exfoliator. Do so gently to avoid irritation, using small circular motions for about 30 seconds to ensure the solution is properly massaged into the skin and dead skin cells removed.
  • Finally, it’s time to rinse off the exfoliator. Use warm water again and remove all of the exfoliant. You might notice some redness after exfoliating, but this is completely normal, especially if you’ve been scrubbing your skin. Splashing your face with cold water will help to tone this down.

Why You Should Never Exfoliate After Shaving

If you have made a few nicks or cuts while shaving, exfoliating should be avoided as scrubbing the irritated area could make it sore. Only ever exfoliate before shaving to avoid the risk of aggravating your skin.

Want to Try Exfoliating as You Shave?

With the Gillette Labs Exfoliating Razor you can do both… The razor features a built-in exfoliating strip that’s designed to remove dirt, like dead skin cells and sebum ahead of the blades and save you some time in process.

Once the exfoliating strip has done its job, the razor’s 2D FlexDisc technology ensures a smooth shave by moving in accordance with the contours of your face – helping to achieve a close and comfortable shave.

Experience the exfoliating and smoothing properties of the Gillette Labs Exfoliating Razor by using the link below.