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How to Look Your Best During a Video Conference

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With hybrid working looking set to become the norm with workers dividing their time between office and homeworking, it looks as though video conferencing is here to stay.

Even if your commute is now simply walking downstairs from your bedroom or walking across your landing to start your day at work, you need to make sure you’re presenting yourself in the best way to make a good first impression during any video meetings.

Find out how to look your best and come across professional in our guide to video conferencing etiquette.

How Should I Dress for a Video Conference?

If you don’t want to dress up every day when you’re working from home, you should still make sure you’re wearing clothes that put you in the right mindset for work and that make you look professional – particularly on your top half that will be seen on screen.

Making an effort with the way you’re dressed shows the other people on the call that you respect them and the time they’re giving up for the call.

If you usually work in an office with a smart dress code, it’s okay to dress one degree less smart than you usually would; for example, wear your usual smart shirt without a tie or perhaps a smart polo shirt with the buttons done up.

Try to stick to clothing that isn’t patterned, as this can strobe on a screen and be distracting on a call. Always bear in mind that you might have to stand up too, so make sure your bottom half looks presentable!

Taking the time to iron your clothes can also make a good impression, even over a screen.

Should I Shave Before a Video Conference?

Your face will be everyone’s main focus during a video conference – in much more focus than an in-person meeting, which makes it all the more important to make sure you have a well-groomed appearance.

Start simply by washing the sleep out of your eyes each morning and make sure your facial hair is either clean-shaven or well-groomed with no straggly hairs. Even if you just give your beard a quick tidy up with your King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer, this can make a big difference.

How to Create Good Lighting for Video Calls

You can further emphasise a well-groomed appearance by making sure you’re sat in a position where the light comes from the front – for example, directly in front of a window or in front of a ring light.

Video Conference Guide | Gillette UK

If the light is coming from above, behind or the side instead, unflattering shadows can make you look more tired or stressed than you are.

How to Position Yourself in Front of the Camera

Although you can technically join a video meeting from anywhere in your home thanks to your laptop, don’t slouch on the sofa or in bed, but instead sit upright at a desk or dining table. This means that you can subtly signal your interest in the conversation through your posture.

Make sure you’re positioned in front of the camera so your head is completely visible, but try not to get too close. Your shoulders can be in the frame, but try not to have too much wall or ceiling showing.

Position the camera at eye level (this should be the default), because a camera that’s too low could run the risk of a double chin, while one that’s too high could mean the focus is on your hair instead of your facial expression. You might need to put some books or a box underneath your laptop to get the camera at the right level.

Find the Right Background

Working from home means untidy shelves and clutter are only natural, but they don’t necessarily make the most professional of backgrounds. Try to sit in front of a plain wall if possible or choose a neutral background provided by your video conferencing platform.

Video Conference Guide | Gillette UK

You might also want to curate a background that provides hints about you and your abilities. For example, if you work in the creative industries, you may want to hang a few carefully chosen pieces of art in the background; if you work in publishing or academia, it’s a good idea to sit in front of your bookshelves. Just make sure there isn’t too much clutter, as you don’t want the background to draw all the attention.

Make Sure Your Technology’s Up to Scratch

It can be handy to have a webcam that’s able to record in good quality, especially as more meetings, presentations and conferences take place virtually, and you don’t want your recording to be heavily pixelated. 

It’s also important to make sure your microphone is up to scratch. If you’re just using your laptop for occasional video meetings, the in-built microphone should be enough. If you use an external microphone or headset, make sure you have one that doesn’t dominate your appearance too much.  

Video Conference Guide | Gillette UK

Internet connections can be a little temperamental, so make sure you’re conducting any video meetings in a space where you know there’s a good reception. If your internet connection keeps reaching its limits, it might be time to change your internet provider or at least your bandwidth.

Screen Sharing Best Practice

If you need to share your screen during your video call, it’s a good idea to make sure your desktop is tidy and not too cluttered, as a chaotic desktop may not make the best first impression. Set any message notifications to ‘do not disturb’ before the call to avoid any distracting interruptions.

Be mindful of which bookmarks are visible too – you don’t want to be sharing any sensitive company information or anything personal unintentionally.

Follow these rules to look your best for every video conference and you’ll always be sure to make a good first impression.

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