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Electric Shaver vs. Razor: Which is Best?

Electric Shaver vs. Razor: Which is Best?
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Electric shaver vs razor? That’s age-old question when it comes to choosing the best shaving method for you.

But what are the pros and cons of each option? At Gillette, we’re here to give you a crash course in each method, teaching you the benefits of opting for either an electric shaver or a manual razor.

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Electric Shave vs. Manual – What’s the Difference?

The main difference between electric shavers and manual razors is how the blade cuts the hair.

Electric Razors

Electric razors have two elements to cut hairs:

A thin, perforated metal foil – the perforated holes in the foil are smooth on the outside, but sharp on the inside, acting as a blade.

The ‘undercutter’ - a set of small blades that move back and forth very quickly under the metal foil.

How to Use an Electric Razor

Electric razors use the skin’s elasticity to achieve a clean, long-lasting shave by pressing down on the skin to expose more of the hair. The hair is cut between the two blades like the motion of scissors Once cut, the hair then pulls back into the follicle, leaving you with a smooth, clean shave.

Manual Razors

A manual razor on the other hand cuts the beard hairs with one single stroke. Multi-blade razors use what is called the ‘hysteresis’, which means that the hairs are lifted up out of the follicle before they are cut. Similarly to shaving with an electric shaver, the remaining hair then pulls back below the skin’s surface, promoting a clean shave.

Benefits of an Electric Shaver

  • Time Saving – When it comes to electric razors, they are a great option if you are in a rush. Dry shaving is a popular method with electric shavers, making is perfect for speedy trims and stubble tidy-ups – no need for shaving gels or foams.
  • Less Likely to Develop Ingrown Hairs – As mentioned, an electric razor contains a perforated metal foil which helps to separate the blade from the skin, while still providing a close shave. As some skin types are more prone to ingrown hairs than others, this level of separation can help reduce the likelihood of them forming.
  • Helps Protect Sensitive Skin – Similarly, blades that make direct contact with the skin can cause it to feel aggravated post-shave. The metal foil of electric razors helps to protect sensitive skin to provide a comfortable shave.
  • Easy to Clean – Electric razors should be rinsed after every stroke to help maintain its function and keep them clean.
  • Long Lasting Blades – Although the upfront cost of an electric shaver might be more than a manual razor, the head doesn’t need to be replaced as often.
  • Choose Your Beard Length – Whether you go for the clean-shaven look or prefer a beard, most electric razors come with various sizes of combs to help neaten your facial hair look, whatever its length.

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Benefits of Manual Shaving

  • Achieve the Closest Shaves – With manual razor blades making close contact, you can achieve a super close shave. Remember the ‘hysteresis’ we mentioned earlier? This helps lift the hairs, helping the razor to cut at a point that will be pulled back into the follicle and sit below the skin, creating a smooth post-shave feel.
  • Affordable – The heads may need to be replaced more often than an electric shaver, but the upfront cost of a razor starter kit and replacement heads is cheaper.
  • High Level of Precision – A manual razor is a must-have for those who prefer the highly sculpted facial hair look. Whether you’re neatening your neckline or shaping around your cheeks, a razor is a great way to get that extra level of precision to achieve the sharpest beard lines.
  • Comfortable Shave (When Teamed with the Correct Prep) - wet shaving with a manual razor can ensure you achieve the most comfortable shave. Dry shaving i.e. without a water or a prep, can lead to skin irritation and potential razor bumps. A pre shave routine that includes face wash and shaving gel helps to prep the skin and facial hair, while the lubricated strip on the Gillette razors helps the blades to glide over the skin.

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Which is the Best Face Shaver for You?

In short, it’s down to personal preference! Both electric shavers and manual razors provide a quality shaving experience.

If you’re looking for a speed and efficiency, an electric razor requires less skin prep than manual razors.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra time on your pre and post shaving routine, opt for a manual razor to achieve the smoothest finish.

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