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3 Great Beard Styles for a Long Face Shape

young man with chin strap beard

A long face shape provides a great canvas for a statement beard or a slightly more unusual facial hair style. A longer face means more space to play with, so you can be really creative with your facial hair.

Our Gillette All Purpose Styler and Beard Trimmer is a trimmer, shaver and edger all-in-one, making it an incredibly versatile shaving tool, whatever your face shape.

If you have a longer face shape, you can play around with fuller facial hair styles, including sideburns and mutton chops, as well as beards that frame your jawline to help you to create a defined, chiselled profile.

Here are three beard styles that can look great on guys with a long face shape:

1. Mutton Chops Beard

‘Mutton chops’ refer to long sideburns that connect to a moustache. This look isn’t for everyone – it requires a bold personality to pull it off – but it can be an impactful way to showcase a little of your character on your face.

man with mutton chops beard

A mutton chops beard is fairly low maintenance, but you will have to be patient and put up with slightly scruffy-looking facial hair on your cheeks and upper lip while you grow it out.

The Gillette All Purpose Styler will be your best friend for trimming the edges of your facial hair and for keeping the rest of your cheeks and chin clean-shaven.

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Facial Hair Styles

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2. Gunslinger Beard

The cowboy-inspired gunslinger beard is similar to the mutton chops beard, but it features a horseshoe moustache, as well as thick, full sideburns.

This style can completely take over a smaller or rounder face shape, but it can work really well on a longer face shape, as there’s a lot more space to play with.

There is a risk that a gunslinger beard can begin to look scruffy without regular trims, so aim to give it a going over with your Gillette Styler at least a couple of times a week.

Discover how to make the gunslinger beard work for you here.

3. Chin Strap Beard

Adding definition to the jawline can really help to frame a longer face shape, and that’s exactly what a chin strap beard does.

man with chin strap beard

A chin strap beard is a thin line of facial hair that extends from the sideburns underneath the chin in a symmetrical style.

Sported by the likes of Lewis Hamilton, the chin strap beard requires a lot of upkeep, which the Gillette All Purpose Styler will be able to help you with.

Find out more about growing, styling and maintaining a chin strap beard here.

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Facial Hair Styles

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