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The Role of Hygiene in Male Intimate Grooming

The Role of Hygiene in Male Intimate Grooming
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Although men have been shaving and clipping their hair since ancient times, more intimate grooming has only been a relatively recent phenomenon among men. Although women have tended to wax, shave and trim their bikini lines for decades, male intimate grooming is new to some even though it is growing in popularity as each year passes. Therefore, you might not know about the role hygiene has to play if you've only just started shaving or trimming your pubic hair.

Read on to find out the answers men most often ask about this subject.

Is Hygiene Important With Male Intimate Grooming?

Firstly, hygiene is very important when it comes to intimate grooming. If you are not hygienic before or after a grooming session, then you might suffer from discomfort or even worse outcomes, such as infections. You wouldn't use someone else's razor to shave your chest. And you probably wouldn't trim your beard without first having wiped off any residue from the last time you used your trimmer, either. So, you should apply all the same principles when grooming your most intimate body parts.

Handily, the Gillette INTIMATE™ grooming product range is available so you won't have to use the same razor on your pubes as you do on your face. There are trimmers that are specially designed for intimate grooming in the range too. Other than using separate tools, the same basic hygiene rules apply. Wash and shower regularly and moisturise after you've shaved to help prevent dryness.

What Hygienic Measures Should Men Take When Trimming Pubic Hair?

Is Hygiene Important With Male Intimate Grooming | Gillette UK

Products like the Gillette Intimate Trimmer i5 should be clean before you start to trim. It is best to clean them after you've finished trimming your pubic hair or balls so that they're ready to go next time. Make sure you have washed and dried the parts of the body you will be trimming. Select the length setting you want to trim to and work your trimmer over the area. Once you have the look you want, it is time to think about hygiene once more.

Shower to wash away any little hairs. If you have a waterproof trimmer, like the i3 or i5 from Gillette, then take it into the shower with you to clean it. Soap and water, applied by hand to the trimmed area, is all that is needed to keep your hygiene standards up, but consider showering more often if you've been doing physical activity or in hot weather.

What Hygienic Measures Should Men Take When Shaving Pubic Hair?

What Hygienic Measures Should Men Take When Shaving Pubic Hair | Gillette UK

When it comes to keeping yourself hygienic when shaving your pubes, it is a good idea to make use of the INTIMATE™ Shaving Cream and Cleanser, a product that is designed for frequent use whether you shave your pubic hair routinely or not. It is best on days that you choose to shave your pubes to use a dedicated razor. Ideally, make use of one that is designed for the purpose, such as our Pubic Hair Razor, for example. Firstly, trim your pubic hair so it is ready to be shaved and then shower or take a bath, giving you an opportunity to exfoliate, a good hygiene measure that will help your razor to shave without collecting dead skin cells.

After your shower, apply lots of well-lathered shaving cream to your pubes. Check your blades for dullness since these can lead to unwanted irritation when shaving. With sharp blades, shave with a light touch and keep rinsing your razor. Apply more shaving cream if you need to. When you've finished, apply a moisturiser, not an aftershave, or the aforementioned cleanser. Clean your blades and put them somewhere so they won't get confused with your face razor. Allow some time for the area you've shaved to dry off before putting on your underwear.

How to Avoid Itchiness and Drying After Male Intimate Grooming

Ingrown hairs and razor burn can cause irritation at the best of times, but it tends to be more pronounced when it affects your most intimate areas. Check out our guide for handling itchy body parts and improving your shaving method for more comfortable shaves. After shaving, it is also best to moisturise; try Gillette Labs Fast Absorbing Moisturiser to help hydrate your intimate skin.

Tips for Staying Hygienic After Manscaping Your Most Intimate Areas

Tips for Staying Hygienic After Manscaping Your Most Intimate Areas | Gillette UK

A sanitary intimate male grooming routine will help to stay hygienic. Discover what you should be doing to stay hygienic when grooming your pubic body hair:

  • Never share razor blades or trimmers for intimate grooming, even with your partner. Use your own.
  • Keep trimmers and body shavers reserved for other parts of the body where possible to avoid cross-infections
  • Use a separate shaver or razor for your face.
  • Wash your pubes and allow them to dry before trimming.
  • Reduce the length of your pubic hair before shaving by trimming them.
  • Don't engage in any activities that will make you sweat immediately after shaving or trimming pubic hair.
  • Allow your intimate body parts to dry naturally or with a towel and avoid talc since this can clog up pores.
  • Apply a moisturiser or cleanser to any parts of the body you have shaved.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after intimate male grooming sessions.
  • Wear light, breathable underwear after shaving or trimming your pubes.
  • Never scrub delicate parts of the body but apply a cleanser or wash and water by hand. You can exfoliate your abdominal pubic hair, however, to help keep it clean.

Follow these tips to help you maintain a high level of hygiene with your intimate grooming regime so that you can continue to style your pubic hair just the way you like it without any undesirable outcomes.

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