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How to Make Chest Hair Look Good

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How to Make Chest Hair Look Good

When it comes to body hair, there are plenty of choices to consider for the modern man. Some may want to embrace bold and bushy male chest hair and find that they can go without manscaping.

On the other hand, if you want to know how to make your chest hair look good and follow the lead of bodybuilders, it’s worth learning the best ways to look beach body ready.

Whether you’re keen to embrace your inner caveman or show off your sculpted pecs, we’ll cover the various ways you can trim or tidy this area. From a completely smooth look to a more grown out appearance, the choice is yours!

When Do Men Grow Chest Hair?

So, what age does chest hair grow? Some men begin to grow chest hairs during late puberty, others in their twenties and some don’t even grow chest hair at all. Nature works in weird and wonderful ways, but whether we grow chest hairs or don’t, it’s all about embracing our bodies.

For some, the first sign of chest fuzz is a welcomed sign of masculinity – for others, these new sprouting hairs are met with disdain, especially if you don’t yet know how to groom or trim your chest hair.

Chest hair or no chest hair, the best way to approach body grooming is to decide what will make you most comfortable. For plenty of men, a touch of manscaping is a way to express their personality, while sporting a range of chest hair styles and growth patterns.

Should I Shave My Chest Hair?

Wondering if you should shave your chest? The hairy chest look isn’t for everyone. Shaving it can help you look more groomed boosting your confidence in the gym or on the beach.

Full-on chest hair for men has slightly dropped in popularity during recent years, ever since Cristiano Ronaldo whipped his shirt off and showed off shiny, hard pecs at the 2014 Champion’s League Final. When the male islanders of Love Island began to sport smooth and shaven chests a year later, it started a bit of a movement – loads of men began to wonder whether to shave their chest on the regular.

Just as Gillette razors and groomers are great for shaping facial hair, we suggest you balance any chest hair with your facial grooming. Going fully clean shaven can be great but may look strange paired with a bushy beard – the mantra of yin and yang will be your body grooming philosophy with our guide.

Using a Gillette All Purpose Styler or Fusion5 blades are both ideal for manscaping – whatever chest hair length suits you; Gillette grooming devices give you the tools for success.

Trimming Chest Hair

There’s no single method of trimming chest hair and for men that want a completely clean-shaven chest, our guide to using a Fusion5 Razor Blade shows you how to shave your chest completely.

However, you may simply want to know how to trim chest hair lightly. If you have thicker hair on other areas like your arms and legs, this approach can look a lot more natural and will save you valuable time as it means you can shave less often.

Using the Gillette All Purpose Styler with a higher comb such as the 2mm, 4mm, or 6mm attachments lets you get a consistent length with ease. We’d suggest experimenting with a longer length first then see if you’d like to trim closer.

Another important tip to keep in mind when choosing how to trim chest hair is to blend the look with your stomach. We’d suggest using the same comb attachment on the chest and stomach with your men’s chest hair trimmer.

If you have a particularly hairy chest you may want to trim with scissors before using your styler. This tip along with regularly rinsing the blades prevents the styler getting clogged and lets you trim with ease.

Avoiding Ingrown Chest Hairs

A common issue most men face with trimming this area is ingrown hairs on your chest. To trim chest hair styles with less uncomfortable redness and irritation, there are some simple steps to follow.

Before using your men’s chest hair trimmer, it’s always worth exfoliating your skin’s surface. One reason for hair growing back into the surface of your chest could be because of the build-up of dead skin cells stopping hair from being able to exit the surface.

For guys wondering how to make chest hair look good, we’d also suggest taking a hot shower before you start grooming. This will soften and hydrate the hair making hair removal easier and reducing your risk of irritation.

For men with ingrown hair on their chest, trimming with the grain your hair grows also helps to avoid irritation and encourage hair to grow naturally.

As dry skin can make for a difficult surface to shave, Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Shaving Gel is ideal for a smoother shaving experience. This moisturizing formulation is designed for sensitive skin, with soothing Vitamin E and shea butter in its blend of ingredients.

Replacing the head of your Gillette All Purpose styler as soon as you notice any dulling of blades is another great way to keep this groomer working at its best and not aggravate ingrown hairs on your chest.

Chest Hair Styles For Men

If you’re not sure how to make chest hair look good, the first step is to find the right tools for the job. Our top suggestion is our Purpose Styler. This versatile trimmer is one of the best ways to remove chest hair at home, so once you’ve grabbed yours, you’re ready to try trimming any length of chest hair and style suits you.

With a range of guards that let you choose between 2mm, 4mm and 6mm length, you can try out any of our picks for styles of chest hair trimming!

Top Heavy

If you like the definition of a cleanly shaved stomach, why not show it off by pairing it with thicker chest hair. Try shaving your chest with a longer attachment such as a 4mm comb before using the Gillette Fusion razor attachment lower down your torso.

This chest hair style will show off this contrast and highlight sculpted stomach muscles if you’re keen to flaunt the results of all your hard work in the gym.

Even All Over

Alternatively, you might want a consistent trim and for this chest hair style, you’ll simply use one of the included combs. For a more classically masculine look, use the 6mm comb to trim down the longest growth.

Depending on your chest hair growth pattern, shorter chest hair such as the clean looks sported by professional swimmers can quickly become prickly for your partner as it regrows. For this reason, a longer look can be the best way to remove chest hair at home if you don’t want to trim it on a daily basis.


Why do some guys have no chest hair?

Just as facial hair thickness varies a lot between different men, chest hair growth patterns are unique to each guy. The main factors that affect this are levels of hormones including testosterone along with your genetic makeup and nutrition.

If you have low levels of hair growth in certain areas, you may want to consider whether your diet is rich in proteins and nutrients like keratin.

How do you remove male chest hair naturally?

If you don’t wish to opt for newer technologies such as laser hair removal or electrolysis, manual methods of removal such as shaving, or trimming are one of the simplest to remove chest hair.

Waxing and tweezing are also possible but can be more painful and tweezing may be time consuming for an area as large as your chest.

When does chest hair stop growing?

Chest hair growth will normally start during puberty and can keep growing into your twenties. Similar to hormone levels and genetics affecting hair thickness, both factors also mean some men will have fully developed by the end of puberty, but others can see continued growth until a later age.

How long does chest hair take to grow back?

If you’ve recently trimmed or waxed body hair you might be wondering how long it’ll take for it to grow back in fully. Well, everyone’s hair growth is unique and hormones, age and across your body hair can come back in at different speeds. Try out chest grooming for yourself to see for yourself!



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