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How to Stay Motivated When You’re Working from Home

How to stay focused when you're working from home

Working from home for the first time can feel strange if you usually go into the office five days a week. It may feel frustrating at first and could present new challenges, but being able to work from a safe environment is something none of us should take for granted, so it’s important to try to make the best of the situation. 

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One of the biggest challenges of working from home can be keeping yourself motivated, which is why we’ve compiled these tips to help you remain productive, continue to work towards your career goals and keep your team together.

Stick to Your Usual Morning Routine

Your morning routine is what sets you up for the working day ahead, so try to stick to the routine you’re familiar with as best as possible.

Get up at a reasonable time and get dressed into smart but comfortable clothes, so you’re prepared for any last-minute video calls with colleagues.

If you usually shave every day, follow your usual grooming routine to keep yourself feeling the best that you can. Make sure you’re stocked up on your shaving essentials by buying them online, and sign up for a Gillette shaving subscription to get fresh razor blades delivered to your door regularly.

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Use the time that you’d usually spend commuting to do something for yourself, such as exercising, reading or meditating to put you in the best frame of mind for the rest of the day.

Make time for a breakfast that includes ingredients known for their ability to release energy slowly, such as oats, wholegrain bread or a banana.

Prepare your lunch and snacks for later in the day too, focusing on foods that have been linked with supporting concentration and memory, such as eggs, blueberries, nuts, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds.

Create a Schedule

Aim to start and finish work at the same time each day and create a schedule for yourself at the beginning of every week – this can help you to stay motivated and on track.

Try to limit how much time you’re spending on your emails or replying to instant messages and focus on completing as many tasks as you can without the usual distractions of people speaking to you across the office, or of background noise you’re not in control of.

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Remember to take a proper lunch break each day to give your mind a rest so you can return to your work in the afternoon with new focus. Bear in mind that you’d usually have a few five-minute breaks in the day to make a coffee or chat to colleagues too, so stand up every now and again, stretch, have a brew, and return to your work feeling refreshed.

Minimise Distractions

Try to avoid listening to the news all day or spending too much time on social media to give yourself the best chance of being productive.

Putting background music on low or the radio on quietly will be less likely to distract you, leaving you in a better frame of mind to show your employer how you can still add value even while you’re at home – this won’t go unnoticed and could work in your favour in the future.

Connect with Colleagues

When everyone is working remotely, it’s hugely important to interact with your colleagues as much as you can.

If you’re in a management role, insist on regular video calls for you and your team to connect; if you’re a participant, make an effort to speak up and show your face – that’s one reason to make yourself get dressed and at least trim your facial hair every day!

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Maintain a Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is still important, even when your home has suddenly become your office. Try to use your evenings to wind down as you usually would – when your professional and personal lives are at risk of blurring, it’s more important than ever to create a balance.

Create a workspace that’s separate from where you sleep if possible and accept that you may need to improvise. The coffee table or dressing table may need to become your desk for a little while, but do whatever you need to make the situation work for you.

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