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Gillette ProShield Chill: Why You Need a Cooling Razor for Summer

Gillette ProShield Chill: Why You Need a Cooling Razor for Summer
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Spending the summer months sporting a beard can be uncomfortable, yet the same can be true of shaving. Too much facial hair can be itchy and sweaty when the weather is warm. But at the same time, running a razor over skin that’s hot and irritated can be far from comfortable.

Men often choose to go for a closer shave in the summer months, but this can be difficult to maintain if you’re not using the right shaving products.

Allow us to introduce you to two Gillette products that are ideal for keeping your beard in check throughout the summer: the Gillette ProShield Chill Razor and Gillette Sensor3 Cool Men’s 3-Bladed Disposable Razors.

ProShield Chill and Sensor3: Cooling Razor Technology for Summer

The Gillette ProShield Chill Razor features five anti-friction blades for a shave you’ll barely feel.

ProShield Chill Blades come with in-built cooling technology. This is delivered via the razor’s Lubrastrip and dissolves into your skin for a refreshing, tingling sensation that lingers after you shave.

The razor also includes Gillette’s FlexBall technology to respond to the natural contours of your face for an even closer and more comfortable shave, and there’s added lubrication before and after each blade to shield your skin from irritation.

Meanwhile, Gillette Sensor3 Cool Men’s Disposable Razors are the first disposable razors we designed with added cooling technology, which is contained in the Lubrastrip for a similarly refreshing sensation to ProShield Chill.

How Can I Enjoy Summer Shaving?

Shaving is something many of us do at least every other day (if not more), but it can become uncomfortable in the summer months if your skin is hot and irritated - this is where the benefits of cooling razors come in.

Our Gillette razors with cooling technology are designed to make shaving more enjoyable on warmer days, while still bringing you a refreshing shave after the summer is over. The cooling feeling they bring to your face and neck can help wake you up in the morning, leaving you with an invigorating tingling sensation, so you feel ready to start the day.

The Gillette ProShield Chill’s cooling technology can work in a similar way to splashing your face with cold water after you’ve shaved (always recommended as part of your post-shave routine), by closing your pores to stop a build-up of excess dirt, oil and sweat.

Gillette ProShield Chill: Why You Need a Cooling Razor for Summer

Your Summer Shaving Questions Answered

Shaving can feel different in the summer when your skin is hot and you’re sweating more than usual, so do you still need to moisturise? Is a beard oil really necessary? And do you still need to wear sunscreen if you have a full beard? We answer your summer shaving FAQs below.

Why Do I Need to Exfoliate Before Shaving?

Exfoliate before shaving, using a gentle scrub if you have sensitive skin. This can help to remove any build-up of excess oil and sweat from your pores, as well as any peeling skin following sunburn. This makes it much easier for your razor to glide across your skin, leading to a smoother, cleaner-looking shave.

I’m Sweating a Lot - Do I Still Need to Moisturise?

Moisturising after shaving is especially important in the summer, as extra warmth can dry out your skin. Moisturising regularly also makes it easier for your razor to travel across the surface of your skin for a smoother, more comfortable - and more enjoyable - shave.

Should I Use a Beard Oil in Summer?

If you do decide to keep your beard for the summer, remember that it’s likely to get frizzy if humidity levels are high. Use a beard oil to help combat this so you can continue looking your best, whatever the weather.

How Can I Experience a Refreshing Shave?

Make summer shaving as refreshing as possible with Gillette ProShield Chill or Gillette Sensor3 Cool. Experience the precision and performance we’re known for, but with an added cooling sensation.

Try the full power of our cooling technology for yourself with our ProShield Chill Bundle, which includes a razor, replacement blades and our Fusion5 Men’s Ultra Sensitive Shaving Gel.

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