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A Man’s Guide to Growing & Styling Long Hair

A Man's Guide to Growing & Styling Long Hair | Gillette UK

There are several hairstyles for men with long hair to choose from. Having long hair gives you a larger canvas to work with, so you can keep your style fresh and dynamic.

However, it also takes a bit of extra effort to look after long hair. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to maintain your mane.

Don’t Wash Hair Too Often

While it may be tempting to wash long hair every day – don’t. You don’t want to strip the hair of its natural oils. Three times a week, at a maximum, is enough.

If you need to wash it more often, make sure you use mild shampoos to avoid stripping the hair of its nutrients, and never skip conditioner.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

It’s important to get a trim every 8-12 weeks to give your hair space to grow.

Designed with precision in mind, our King C. Gillette Style Master is the perfect shaver for a DIY trim. It allows you to focus on the damaged areas without risking cutting too much off by mistake.

Don’t Strain Your Strands

If you’re growing your hair out, whether intentionally or till you can next see the barber, you need to be aware of how delicate your locks are.

Avoid brushing hair for too long or while it’s wet. And anything that puts a strain on your strands (such as tying it in a tight bun) should be avoided, especially while hair is still growing. There are several long hairstyles to choose from though:

The Long Hair Undercut

This is a great statement that looks ideal for show stealers. One of the pros to this look is that it’s easy to pull off but looks impressive. It just requires you to fully grow out the hair on top while shaving the sides.

For this reason, it’s a low-maintenance look as you can simply use our King C. Gillette Style Master to give your sides a manageable low cut and not have to worry about trimming or layering the rest of your hair.

Long hair with an undercut | Gillette UK

The Textured Wavy Look

They say you should dress for the job you want; this is perfect if you fancy being a Hollywood heartthrob. This casual, beach hair look is a great way to bring that relaxed summer energy with you into everything you do.

The trick to pulling it off is making it seem as natural as possible. Avoid brushing your hair, instead use a hairdryer on your fringe, blow it up and back, then use your hands and hair product to scrunch up your hair to give it that wavy volume. When styling, only use mousses and sprays that contain sea salt, as this helps give it that beach-ready, heartthrob aesthetic.

A textured wavy long hairstyle | Gillette UK

The Half Up Half Down Bun

This look gives a bit more of a stylish edge to the classic man bun. It’s perfect because it keeps long hair out of your eyes while still allowing you to show off your long locks.

To pull it off, simply bunch a middle section of hair into a horseshoe shape, looping it around 2-3 times to create a little ponytail, then secure it with a hairband.

Trim Your Sideburns

Trimming your sideburns can mean the difference between looking like you haven’t left the house in 50 years and looking like a male model that’s a lifeguard on the side.

While growing out your hair, keep your sideburns short so they don’t look unkempt. Make sure you keep your left and right sideburns symmetrical and that their lengths are in-line with the rest of your hair.

As a tip, never trim your sideburns beyond the midpoint of the ears. If you have a round face, shorter sideburns are best, whereas longer sideburns are ideal for oval faces.

For more advice on how to keep your sideburns in check, check out our article on how to trim and style sideburns.

Remember, the hair-growing process is a marathon, not a sprint. Using our King C. Gillette Style Master to keep your sideburns in check will have you looking your best throughout.

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