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A Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Bearded Dad

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Father’s Day is famously a tough occasion to shop for. Pretty much every dad has all the socks and mugs he could ever need, trust us.

Whether you’re shopping for a first-time dad or the pa who’s got everything, King C. Gillette’s got you covered – as long as they’ve got a beard, that is.

Welcome to the King of Father’s Day 2020 gift guides for the dad with the stand-out beard.

For the Dad Who’s in Need of a Little Self-Care

Self-care is one of the biggest trends of the last few years. For dads who’ve been working hard, holding the fort at home or putting in a night shift with a new baby, self-care can take a backseat.

Encourage them to take a bit of extra time for themselves and treat them to the King C. Gillette Beard Taming Kit, which features our Beard Shampoo & Face Wash, Beard Oil and Soft Beard Balm – everything he needs for the ultimate beard pampering session.

Every product is scented with our signature modern masculine fragrance, with notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, sage, ginger and cardamom, and each is designed to nourish facial hair to keep it in the best possible condition.

The beard wash can be used to soften and hydrate facial hair, the argan oil-based beard oil keeps a beard nourished after trimming, and the beard balm contains shea butter and cocoa butter to help keep dry and wiry beard hairs at bay – he’ll smell great, look great and feel great.

For the Dad in Need of a Trim

Beard trimming is often a DIY job – and if you’re honest with yourself, you know he does it with the nail scissors from time to time. *Shudder*.

You can put an end to this with the King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer Kit, which features our King C. Gillette Beard & Face Wash, King C. Gillette Beard Oil and the incredibly versatile King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer.

Gift him all the tools he needs to keep his beard in check, at a reasonable, neat length and in a well-nourished condition. Our beard trimmer is powered by Braun technology and comes with three interchangeable comb lengths, so Dad can just take off a little bit at a time if he prefers.

Portable, stylish, great-smelling and easy-to-use, the King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer Kit deserves a home in every bearded guy’s bathroom.

For the Dad Who Needs to Get in Shape

Before we show you our next grooming kit, let’s be clear that we’re talking about beard shapes, not body shapes here!

The shape of a man’s beard can massively change the shape of his face, so gift the main man in your life our King C. Gillette Beard Shaping Kit so he’s got everything he needs to keep his in check.

This handy grooming kit features our Transparent Shave Gel with aloe vera, the King C. Gillette Double Edge Safety Razor modelled on the iconic 1901 safety razor designed by the Father of Shaving, King Camp Gillette himself, and a set of replacement razor blades so Dad doesn’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.

If his beard needs a little extra TLC, the King C. Gillette Beard Tame & Shape Kit could be just the ticket. It includes our Beard Shampoo & Face Wash, Transparent Shave Gel, Shave & Edging Razor and nourishing Beard Oil to cover every step of his grooming routine.

For the Dad Whose Beard is His Pride & Joy

While he says you’re his pride and joy, we all know his beard really is. A statement beard needs to pack a punch, and you can make sure your dad’s does with the King C. Gillette Ultimate Beard Care Kit.

Featuring our Beard & Face Wash, Beard Trimmer, Transparent Shave Gel, Neck Razor and Beard Oil to serve all his grooming needs, this is the ultimate men’s grooming set, and the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Still undecided? Shop the full King C. Gillette collection.

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