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Men’s Health: What to Do When Movember is Over

Men’s Health: What to Do When Movember is Over

You’ve spent a month growing a moustache – and likely endured all the looks, comments, and itchiness that comes with it. But it’s now December, and that means you’re officially allowed to end your admirable Movember efforts.

Whether you’re relieved, nostalgic, or even slightly mournful, before you send your sponsorship money off to the good folks at the Movember Foundation, and start re-styling your facial hair, it’s good to have a think about what kind of approach you’re going to take next with your razor.

How to Approach Your First Post-Movember Shave

If you’ve ended up with a particularly long moustache at the end of Movember, you’re going to need to acquaint yourself with the Gillette All Purpose Styler and Beard Trimmer.

Going straight in with a razor to shave longer facial hair risks some painful tangles, so use the Styler’s precision trimmer to cut your ‘tache down until it’s short enough to shave off easily. The Styler is great, because you can use it to trim, shave and edge your facial hair, and it’s 100% waterproof so you can even do your trimming in the shower.

Even if you’ve ended up with a much shorter moustache, you still need to be careful with your first shave after Movember, as the skin beneath your mo’ won’t have been anywhere near a razor for a month, making it extra sensitive.

man with thin moustache

The Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive Razor is designed with sensitive skin in mind, absorbing some of the pressure from your hand so the carefully-engineered razor does all the hard work for you. Use it along with our Gillette Fusion5 Sport Sensitive Shaving Gel to keep your skin hydrated, and to guarantee an even smoother razor glide.

How to Keep the Movember Spirit Alive

Remember that Movember wasn’t just about growing a daft moustache – at its heart are efforts to raise awareness and money for men’s physical and mental health causes. With this in mind, here’s how you can keep the spirit of Movember alive all year round:

Check Yourself

Testicular cancer is one of the key illnesses for which Movember seeks to raise awareness, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on yourself to spot potential signs early. If you’re a fan of manscaping, check your balls at the same time you’re shaving your pubes. Otherwise, get into the habit of doing it in the shower once a week.

Don’t be Afraid of the Doctor

Following on from our last point, make sure you actually go to the doctor when you need to. Don’t be a typical stubborn guy and put it off.

Whether there’s a lump you want to get checked out or you’re just not feeling yourself, your GP is there to help.

Check in with Your Friends

Talking to your mates, asking how they really are and properly listening to their replies can go a long way towards improving conversations around mental health – something that’s really needed to help end the taboo that can still surround this topic.

Remember that you don’t have to watch the match or go to the pub every time you meet up; sometimes it’s good to just talk – that’s what mates are for.

male friends chatting in a cafe

Make Time for Self-Care

Making time for self-care can help you to safeguard your own mental health. We know that this can be harder to do in the winter when it feels as though it’s constantly cold and dark, which is why we’ve compiled our top winter self-care tips to help you through.

Own Your New Moustache Style

If Movember led to you finding a new moustache style that actually really suits you, keep the spirit of the month alive by really owning your look.

Use your Gillette All Purpose Styler & Beard Trimmer to keep your mo’ looking neat and growing healthily for a look that really makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

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