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Why You Need a Moisturiser in Your Bikini Shaving Routine

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We all know the benefits of moisturising our face, but when it comes to other body parts, we tend to forget. But who wouldn’t want to have soft, supple and smooth skin everywhere? That’s why we’re going to preach about the benefits of using a serum, lotion or moisturiser for bikini areas.

So, read on to find out how to use moisturising lotions for pubic areas and the benefits it’ll bring to your bikini shaving routine.

Why Do I Need a Moisturiser for my Bikini Area?

Your bikini area is a sensitive part of your body. If you shave, wax or epilate, then you’ll know the area can be prone to redness, ingrown hairs and dry skin. That’s because when we proceed to removing hair, we also strip away moisture from the area.

By adding a moisturiser for pubic area to your bikini routine, you can help alleviate dry skin and prep your skin for future hair removal. But should you moisturise after shaving or before?

We recommend you use an after-shave balm for bikini area after every shave. That’s because every time you shave – or use any other hair removal method – you are stripping the upper layer of your skin (the dermis) away. The result? You’re left with possibly dry, flaky and/or irritated skin.

To avoid this, there’s 2 very important steps you should never miss:

  1. Shave using shaving gels like our Venus 2 in 1 Cleanser & Shave Gel
  2. Moisturise post-shave using hydrating bikini lotions like our Venus Daily Soothing Serum

What Happens if I Don’t Use a Bikini Line Moisturiser?

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In a rush? Ran out of lotion? Or did you simply forget? Whatever your reason for not moisturising your pubic area (not judging!) it’s never too late to start adding some much-needed hydration.

But why chance it? Add a little me-time to your bathroom routine and make sure you use a lotion for pubic area to keep your bikini line in tip-top condition!

What to Look For in a Bikini Line Serum?

To keep the sensitive skin on your pubic area hydrated, you’ll need a moisturiser that’s gentle and pH balanced. Always use a moisturiser designed to be used on the genital area. Body moisturisers may include ingredients that can irritate the skin in your pubic area.

The ideal lotion for pubic area is:

  • Dermatologically and gynecologically tested
  • pH balanced for use on intimate areas
  • Fragrance free
  • Free of artificial colourings

Our Venus Daily Soothing Serum ticks all the above boxes, helping you achieve itch-free, smooth and hydrated pubic skin.

With the right bikini line serum you can say hello to smooth skin and goodbye to flaky, dry and irritated skin. So, ensure you add moisturising to your bikini routine after hair removal and always use lotions designed for pubic areas.

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