Facial Hair Styles

The Best Styles for a Short Beard

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Not all guys are blessed with long, thick, full facial hair, but there are still plenty of short beard styles out there that allow you to mix up your look and find the beard that makes you feel your best.

Short beard styles can provide a smart, crisp appearance and can be cleverly styled to draw attention away from even the patchiest growth.

How to Style a Short Beard

The King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer is every short beard style’s best friend. With three interchangeable comb attachments and 11 different length settings to choose from, you can easily find your ideal beard length.

Always begin by using our versatile beard trimmer to trim down longer facial hair, before applying shave prep to the areas where you want a closer shave – our King C. Gillette Transparent Shave Gel is ideal for seeing where you want to shave, allowing you to get defined, clean edges to your facial hair style, and it contains aloe vera and white tea extract, alongside glycerine.

To sculpt the shape of any short beard style, you can then use the King C. Gillette Double Edge Safety Razor, which is inspired by the original safety razor launched by King Camp Gillette himself back in the early 1900s. You could also use the King C. Gillette Shave & Edging Razor or the King C. Gillette Neck Razor, as both have trimmer blades on the back. Remember that changing your blade regularly will help you achieve a close and comfortable shave, so make sure you’re always well-stocked up.

Once you’ve created your desired short beard style, work a little of our King C. Gillette Beard Balm through your facial hair using your fingertips to help keep your beard in good condition.

Short Beard Styles

Short Boxed Beard

Similar to a full beard, but with thin, neatly trimmed sides, the short boxed beard is a classic facial hair style. Favoured by the likes of George Clooney, and easy to sculpt with the Gillette All Purpose Styler, this short beard style is ideal for guys with slightly thicker facial hair.

Get more tips on styling a perfect short boxed beard.

Balbo Beard

A Balbo beard is a shorter facial hair style with no sideburns, but with a floating moustache. This beard is the ideal style for guys with a rounder face shape, as it can make the face look more defined.

Find out how to master the Balbo beard for yourself.

3-Day Stubble Beard

A 3-day stubble beard is an effortless look that has the added bonus of helping to give the illusion of a more defined jawline. Guys in their late teens and early 20s often favour this look, as it can make the face look a little more mature.

Learn the art of mastering an effortless-looking 3-day stubble beard.

5 O’Clock Shadow

A 5 o’clock shadow is the faint stubble growth that appears when it’s been several hours since your morning shave – around 5 o’clock, hence the name. However, this isn’t simply a lazy facial hair style – there’s an art to making it look intentional and stylish.

Discover how to make the 5 o’clock shadow work for you.

Whatever the length of your facial hair, there’s a beard style for you. Browse our beard styles round-up for inspiration:

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Facial Hair Styles

Top 18 Beard Styles For Men to Add Contrast and Dimension to Your Face

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