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The Top 5 Beard Styles for Bald Men

It’s no secret that the ‘bald man with beard’ look has taken the red carpets by storm in recent years. With the likes of Tom Hardy, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and Bruce Willis sporting the bald head and beard style, it’s no wonder it’s becoming a go-to look amongst men.

Whether you’ve recently embraced the bald or you’ve been rocking the no-hair look for a number of years, you may be ready to experiment with your facial hair.

Gillette have you covered with our ultimate guide to beard styles for bald men. Read on to discover your new look.

What Beard Styles Suit Bald Men?

At Gillette, we believe your bald beard style should be a form of self-expression, helping you to exude confidence. With this in mind, we suggest choosing a look that feels most… you.

That being said, it’s arguably more important for bald men to select their beard style with care. The look you go for will either help soften or enhance the appearance of what’s going on (or not going on) up top.

Need some inspiration? We’ve compiled a list of the top five beard styles for bald men, ranging from stubbles to full facial hair looks.

1. The 5 o’Clock Shadow

If fuller facial hair looks aren’t really your thing, why not keep it simple with a fuss-free 5 o’clock shadow?

This faint stubble look used to be something men tried to avoid. However, with the rise of the designer stubble, the 5 o’clock shadow has come into its own. It helps men save time in their evening grooming routines by not needing to shave every day.

If you’re looking for a way to soften the baldness but aren’t keen on growing a beard, this shadow stubble is a great way to offset the overall look. An additional bonus: there’s little-to-no maintenance with the 5 o’clock stubble!

Get the look: Simply relax your daily shaving routine! You’ll only need to clean shave every 2-3 days to maintain the shadow effect.

Worried about ingrown hairs? Check out our guide to keeping ingrown hairs under control:

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2. The Goatee

Ready to dip your toe into the bald man with beard lifestyle, but not quite ready for a fuller look? A goatee could be your go-to.

Countless stars rock the bald with goatee style (think Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, and Stanley Tucci). It’s a great way to experiment with your facial hair, particularly if you often favour the clean-shaven look.

The petite goatee is an especially complimentary look for a bald guy. This look champions the facial hair on your chin without the addition of a moustache. It’s a great option for bald men with rounder faces as the goatee helps to elongate the face and rebalances the overall look.

Get the look: Start by trimming your facial hair to the desired length with the Gillette All Purpose Styler. Then, remove the attachments from your trimmer and define the shape of your goatee. The trick is to keep your moustache, neck and cheek hair as short as possible. Finally, clean shave these areas with your preferred Gillette razor, not forgetting your pre and post shave care routine.

3. The Balbo

Next up on our guide to the best beards for bald men is the balbo. Popular amongst bald men with rounded faces, the balbo beard includes a fuller facial hair look around the chin and a separate moustache, teamed with neatly shaped cheek lines.

When combined with a bald head, this beard style is a great option to rebalance the face shape and create a sharp, stylish aesthetic.

Get the look: Ideally, you need at least four weeks of beard growth to achieve the balbo. After trimming to the desired length, it’s time to define the signature balbo shape. Start at the ears and remove hair in an inward motion towards the chin. Then, you’ll need to create a gap of about a ¼ inch between your moustache and goatee on either side. Once you’re happy with the symmetry, clean shave the skin above your beard and define the cheek lines with your favourite Gillette razor.

4. The Full Bodied ‘Hipster’ Beard

A full-bodied facial hair look is a great beard style for bald men, creating drama and contrast for an edgy look.

If you’ve gone bald but still can grow thick, full facial hair, why not embrace it? Often referred to as the ‘hipster’ beard, this style evokes a cool, calm and collected vibe, while also helping to elongate the face and add the illusion of height.

Get the look: Growing out your beard can take time, but regular trimming can ensure that it looks healthy rather than scraggly. You can check out our guide on how to grow a full beard below:

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5. The Statement Moustache

Ready to get experimental with your bald with a beard aesthetic? If you want to switch up your look entirely, why not try a statement moustache?

With not much else going on up top, it’s a great opportunity to express yourself through facial hair, without it looking too over the top.

You can get as creative as desired with a statement moustache, but a striking style such as the handlebar moustache (pictured above) usually requires a month or two of growth. If you’d like to browse the most flattering moustache styles to compliment your bald with beard look, you can check out our helpful guide:

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Beard Care Routine for Bald Men


While the bald with beard look may look carefree and low maintenance, it’s important to ensure you’re looking after your facial hair with a regular grooming routine.

Here are our top three grooming tips to help keep your bald head beard style always looking the part:

1. Wash your face and beard daily – We recommend using the King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash. It’s designed to offer a gentle cleanse to help remove dead skin cells and debris from the beard, while nourishing the skin underneath. The result? A fresh-smelling, hydrated beard.

2. Trim regularly – Even if you’re growing out your beard length, it’s important to trim regularly to ensure the facial hairs are healthy and are kept in the best possible condition .. Use the King C. Gillette Beard and Moustache Trimmer to keep your facial hair looking sharp.

3. Treat with beard oil or beard balm – Whatever your preference on product, treating facial hair with beard oil or beard balm is a great way to soften facial hair and provide some control to flyaways.

To be the best a man can get, check out our complete list of men’s grooming tips in the posts below, or discover more over on the blog.

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