Everything You Need to Know About Gillette’s Subscription Razors

When you sign up to Gillette’s shaving subscription service, the first thing you’ll be asked to do is select one of three Gillette razors. This is perhaps the most important decision you’ll make on your journey towards becoming a member of our shave club, so it’s crucial you’re aware of everything there is to know about the razors on offer.

But before getting into the differences between the three razors, it’s worth briefly focusing on what they share. Every Gillette razor available on subscription is “multi-blade”, meaning that each model can be counted on to produce a close, even, and comfortable shave. By harnessing the power of progressive geometry, Gillette razors spread the load more evenly, significantly reducing the likelihood of encountering razor burn and irritation.

Something else you’ll find in common across all of the Gillette razors is that they benefit from 117 years of innovation to give guys the best possible shave, with each one improving on the previous to give a close, more comfortable shave.


  1. Mach3 (£4.95)
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    Mach3 (£4.95)

    Twenty years after it was first introduced to the world, the Gillette Mach3 remains a staple for millions of men, as well as one of the leading multi-blade razors on the market. A product that set the standard for multi-blade razors, the Mach3 incorporates a number of features that epitomise Gillette’s approach to mastering the science of shaving.

    Not least among these is the Mach3’s row of three stronger-than-steel blades that have been designed to achieve the closest shave possible. As a three-bladed razor, the Mach3 uses the first blade to extend the hair from the skin, before letting the next two blades execute a deep cut. The result is an exceptionally close shave, but one that doesn’t invite irritation.

    Another key feature is the Mach3’s stylish ergonomic handle – a detail that results in far more than just the razor’s classic appearance. Expertly balanced and weighted, the handle produces unrivalled comfort and precision by allowing for supreme control and manoeuvrability.

    With introductory kits starting from just £4.95, the Mach3 is the perfect upgrade option for men who typically use disposables.

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  2. Fusion5 (£4.95)
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    Fusion5 (£4.95)

    If you’re looking to achieve an even closer shave, then the Fusion5 could well be the razor for you. Although the Mach3 can certainly be counted on provide a close, clean shave, the additional two blades found on the Fusion5 result in an enhanced and unmatched level of closeness.

    In addition to the presence of five blades, the primary piece of innovation that sets the Fusion5 apart from its predecessor is its Precision Trimmer. This single blade sits on the back of the Fusion5 cartridge, allowing for all the precision you need to achieve an even and full shave. Designed to facilitate accurate edging and styling, the trimmer is capable of covering the more difficult-to-reach areas, like just under the nose and close to the lip.

    The razor’s row of 5 carefully-distributed blades results in improved load distribution, leading to fewer nicks, cuts, and general redness. The reason for this is that the additional blades (five rather than three) reduces the amount the skin “bulges” by as much as 30%. The result is that you get a close, clean shave, while being less likely to cut yourself in the process.

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  3. ProGlide (£6.95)
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    ProGlide (£6.95)

    The Fusion5 Proglide takes all the innovation of the original Fusion5 and combines it with Gillette’s revolutionary Flexball technology. By adding a pivot between the razor handle and the blade cartridge, contact between the blade and your skin can be consistently maintained. This allows the razor to do all the hard work, ensuring that you’re not required to apply any unnecessary pressure. The result is a clean and even shave; and one that doesn’t leave any rogue hairs remaining.

    In addition to the Flexball, the Fusion5 Proglide carries the advantages of enhanced lubrication, improved grip, and longer-lasting blades. The razor’s longer, easy-grip handle allows for improved control, while the Lubrastrip contains lubricating polymers that allow the blade to glide with ease, providing for an overall more comfortable shave.

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