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Introducing…the Gillette Razor Maker Collection

Introducing…the Gillette Razor Maker Collection

Gillette is excited to announce the UK launch of Razor Maker, a limited edition collection just in time for Christmas.

If you’re looking for a present idea that’s a little bit different, these unique razor handles make ideal shaving gifts – perfect for the man who has everything.

The four designs in the Razor Maker range are available for a limited time only, so get them while you can…

What is Razor Maker?

Razor Maker is a collection of innovative razor handles, powered by Gillette and created using stereolithography (SLA) printing technology by Boston-based 3D-printing powerhouse Formlabs.

The unique handles are produced using a process known as photopolymerisation, which involves moulding liquid resin into solid plastic, before a 3D printer uses a laser to draw out the final shape of the razor.

Each Razor Maker handle fits a Fusion5 ProGlide razor blade, providing precision, performance and a close, clean shave, thanks to its five super-thin anti-friction blades.

Here’s what you need to know about each of the striking Razor Maker designs:

Cool Blue Subzero

The Razor Maker collection’s Subzero design has an icy blue handle with a raised, bubble-like texture.

With an icy blue, frosted-effect handle in a bubble-like design, the Subzero will suit all ages and personalities.

It’s stylish, sleek and seriously cool to look at; when combined with one of our ProGlide blades, it’s everything a guy needs to look forward to his morning shave.

Vibrant Coral

Show some personality with our bright, vibrant Coral razor handle.

Add a bit of colour to the mornings with Coral, the most vibrant choice in the Razor Maker range. The handle is the perfect match for a big personality – or for the guy who’s always misplacing his razor.

This 3D-printed handle is inspired by coral in colour and in texture, making for a fun, unusual design.

It might look like nothing you’ve ever seen from Gillette, but, thanks to its compatibility with Fusion5 ProGlide blades, doesn’t compromise on quality.

Bold Gold Maelstrom

Our Maelstrom Razor Maker design is the perfect gift for a man who enjoys the finer things in life.

Maelstrom is bold, gold, and screams luxury. A maelstrom is a powerful whirlpool in a body of water, so this design is perfect for a guy who’s a force of nature.

It resembles a solid bar of gold melted down and twisted, so it’s also ideal for the man who loves the finer things in life.

A golden razor makes a brilliant Christmas gift – it’s not only wonderfully festive, but it adds little bit of luxury to a morning shave.

Shaving shouldn’t be a mundane task – in fact, it’s a chance for a little bit of daily self-care, so why not make it bold and gold?

Understated Norse

Use the Norse Razor Maker handle with a Fusion5 ProGlide razor blade for precision and comfort.

Shaving can still be made more personal without making too much of a statement, and that’s where our Norse design comes in.

This gunmetal grey geometric razor handle provides a fun but understated way to shave, with its angled design fitting comfortably into the palm.

If you love the idea of Razor Maker but are worried a razor with a gold or red handle is a touch too bold, Norse is a fantastic option. Enjoy the innovative nature of the range while staying true to his personal style.

Shop the full limited edition Razor Maker collection.

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