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Explore Gillette’s portfolio of razors, facial hair trimmers and blades and discover the technology that sets them apart.

The history of shaving has grown alongside the evolution of the men’s razor. The shape of the cartridge and the number of blades have changed over time, and a pivot has been introduced between the blades and handle.

Gillette’s portfolio includes our 5-blade Fusion5 family of razors, 3-blade MACH3 razors, disposable razors, and the All Purpose Gillette STYLER & Beard Trimmer for facial hair styling and body hair trimming.

Razors, Blades & Trimmers

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Gillette’s expansive portfolio of facial hair trimmers, razors and blades reflects just how far men’s razors have come.

What sets Gillette apart is that we constantly innovate; investing in the technology that we believe makes shaving more comfortable, efficient and enjoyable for all men.

Over the years, our mission to develop the best razor for men has seen changes in the shape of our cartridges, the number of blades used in our razors, and even the implementation of a pivot between the blades and the handle.

We made our handles ergonomic and easier to control, introduced anti-friction coating to make our shaving blades even sharper, and developed formulas to soothe and moisturise skin as you shave.

We’ve worked towards a world where shaving can be a fulfilling experience for everyone, regardless of their skin’s sensitivity, by launching our SkinGuard Razors. We even built an entire SKIN shaving care range around men with sensitive skin.

However, we haven’t just made shaving comfortable for all. We’ve worked to transform the entire experience - making shaving something you genuinely look forward to doing.

Our Heated Razor, for example, captures the soothing experience of a hot towel shave and is a fully customisable experience, where the temperature can be tailored to your preference.

Our razor with an exfoliating bar helps to make the process of exfoliating feel as easy and effortless as washing your face, while still effectively getting rid of dirt and debris.

For 120+ years, Gillette has been making men’s razors, driven by innovation and striving to develop the best razor for men.

It’s the kind of goal that is constantly pursued, but we like a challenge, and we don’t plan on going anywhere. In the words of our founder, King C. Gillette:

“We’ll stop making razor blades when we can’t keep making them better.”

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