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Five Reasons to Upgrade to the Gillette ProShield

Five Reasons to Upgrade to the Gillette ProShield
Writer and expert5 years ago
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The Gillette ProShield is arguably the most advanced razor ever brought to market. Complete with a series of unique innovations that harness the latest shaving technology, the Proshield has been designed specifically to mitigate some of the more unpleasant aftereffects of shaving.

Here are just five reasons why you should consider treating your skin and upgrading to the Gillette ProShield.

1. Experience less irritation

The Gillette ProShield is built to slide and glide, and to replace tugging with comfort. True to its name, the ProShield features two lubrication strips that create a “shield” for noticeable protection. Indeed, reducing friction is the key to a smooth and comfortable shave, and the best way to reduce resistance is to make sure that both the skin and the cartridge are well lubricated. The ProShield applies this science by doubling the number of lubrication strips to double the amount of moisture. This greatly reduces friction and minimises razor burn.

2. Enjoy a shave that moves with you

When it comes to shaving, there’s one simple truism that can’t be avoided: Your blade might be straight, but your face is anything but. When you consider the chin, the jawline, and the jawbone corner, every face has unique angles and contours which can often frustrate efforts to achieve a clean shave.

The angles on a man’s face means that no matter how good your shaving technique might be, there’s a good chance you’ll end up missing a spot, resulting in an uneven finish. In practice, it’s all-but impossible to fully respond to every contour of your face when using a standard straight razor. In a sense, it’s not entirely unlike mowing a bumpy lawn.

This is where Gillette’s Flexball innovation comes in. By adding a pivot between the razor handle and the blade cartridge, contact between the blade and your skin can be consistently maintained, helping the razor to move with the contours of the face so you don't miss any hairs. With the Flexball, the razor does all the hard work for you, ensuring you don't have to apply any unnecessary pressure. The result is a clean and even shave; and one that doesn’t leave any rogue hairs remaining.

3. Get a cleaner shave

The razor’s row of five thin blades results in the closest shave possible. The first blade begins the process by gently lifting the hair from skin before the remaining blades come in and progressively cut further down the hair. The more blades there are, the further down the hair can be cut. It also helps that every Fusion5 razor harnesses the power of our best blades yet.

However, multi-blade razors like the ProShield don’t merely produce cleaner shaves – they result in more comfortable ones, too. Using progressive geometry, the razor spreads the load more evenly, reducing the likelihood of cuts and razor bumps.

The ProShield also represents a step forward in the science of shaving through its blade stabiliser. This unique innovation, situated at the back of the razor, keeps the five blades at an optimal distance apart, adding to the overall comfort of the shave.

4. Achieve a more precise shave

We’ve all experienced it at one point or another – and many of us experience it on a daily basis. You check your skin after a shave to find that while your cheeks and neck feel smooth, the difficult-to-reach hairs are still poking through your skin.

Even with an effective multi-blade razor, the above scenario can be impossible to avoid. While many razors are excellent at covering the larger surfaces of your skin, most lack the level of accuracy needed to tackle tight spaces. The Fusion5 mitigates this all-too-common problem with its single-blade Precision Trimmer situated on the back of the blade cartridge. By simply flipping the razor after a shave, you can engage in a bit of styling, or simply just move on to cleaning-up the trickier areas, like under the nose or your sideburns.

5. Blade longevity

Something that surprises most newcomers to the Fusion5 range is the sheer longevity of the blades. Thanks in part to the lubrication strip, shaving with the Fusion5 Proshield is typically smooth, straightforward, and, most importantly, quick. This reduces general wear on the blades, providing for a greater level of durability. Gillette ProShield blades typically last one month, due both to the added lubrication and the advanced coatings on the blades.

Writer and expert
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