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Dermaplaning Ingredients

Woman inspecting her face in a mirror for dermaplaning | Venus UK

Dermaplaning is a useful and stress-free way of removing dead skin, grime, and hair from your face. It exfoliates and clears your skin, leaving behind a glowing and refreshed face and skin that’s able to soak in creams and moisturisers more easily.

But what dermaplaning ingredients are used to achieve the best results? From cleansing primer ingredients to dermaplaning facial ingredients, we’re here to guide you through everything you need to know about the ingredients involved in the dermaplaning process.

Venus For Facial Hair & Skin Care Cleansing Primer Ingredients

Woman applying Dermaplaning Cleansing Primer to her face | Venus UK

Venus facial cleansing primer is the ideal first step in a dermaplaning routine. It’s always important to keep your face hydrated and clean, but this is especially true when you want to dermaplane. Our cleansing primer removes excess dead skin or grime and nourishes the skin. But what does the cleansing primer ingredient consist of? Balancing a healthy mix of cucumber, aloe, and niacinamide.

Our cleansing primer has significant advantages for your skin’s hydration and cleansing when compared to traditional methods. Not only is your skin readied for dermaplaning, but our balance of facial cleanser ingredients ensures that your skin stays hydrated for up to 6 hours after use. Put your face first and use our facial cleansing primer before your next dermaplaning session.

Venus For Facial Hair & Skin Care Facial Razor & Blade Refills Composition and Design

Woman stood over a sink looking at her reflection before dermaplaning | Venus UK

Dermaplaning is a great way to quickly remove unwanted hair from your face while simultaneously exfoliating your skin. Venus’ facial dermaplaning razor is designed with comfort, efficiency, and safety in mind.

Our dermaplaning razor is designed to make dermaplaning at home as comfortable and efficient as it would be in a professional environment. The blade has been tested and approved by dermatologists and comes with several features designed to ensure a comfortable dermaplaning experience, including:

  • High-performance, thin blades – The Venus facial razor blade features an ultra-thin design, which significantly reduces the force required to cut through hair. This enhances both efficiency and comfort during use.
  • Protective blade guard – Our dermaplaning razors feature a protective guard around their blade, which helps protect the skin against irritation, nicks, or cuts whilst dermaplaning.
  • Curved razor handle – The slightly curved razor handle ensures a comfortable dermaplaning experience, allowing for better control and precision during dermaplaning.
  • Rounded protective tip – Our blade is housed in a protective tip that covers the end and corner of the blade. This prevents any exposed areas of the blade from digging into your skin during dermaplaning and helps makes sure you can’t accidentally contact the skin to cut yourself.

Dermaplaning with the Venus facial dermaplaning razor is easy, efficient, and simple to get started with. If you’re interested in dermaplaning your face at home, then don’t hesitate to use the Venus razor to get started today. If you have more questions, then check out our guide on how to dermaplane, where we go into detail on how to get the best out of your dermaplaning razor.

Venus For Facial Hair & Skin Care Hydration Serum Ingredients

Woman applying dermaplaning Skin Care Hydration Serum to her face and looking in the mirror | Venus UK

Taking care of your skin after dermaplaning is as important as dermaplaning itself. The Venus hydration serum is designed to be the perfect final step in your dermaplaning routine, keeping your skin healthy, moisturised, and glowing. Our hydration serum ingredients include hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and more, all of which come together to create a perfect post-dermaplaning serum that keeps your skin hydrated and fresh.

Each component of the hydration serum ingredients is enriched with benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Glycerine: Provides immediate hydration to soothe dryness, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clean after dermaplaning.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide): Supports the skin’s moisture barrier function and reduces Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) with regular use, containing Niacinamide at a concentration of 2%.
  • Vitamin B5: provides skin hydration benefits.

The serum is also simple to use; just apply a thin layer over your face after your dermaplaning is finished and leave it to absorb into your face and replenish the skin’s hydration. If dermaplaning has left your skin feeling dry or tight in the past, then Venus’ hydration serum is certainly for you and is the perfect final step to ensure dermaplaning leaves your skin smooth and glowing.

Woman smiling while looking into a mirror after dermaplaning | Venus UK

With Venus, you can trust that all the dermaplaning ingredients used will not only allow for a safe and efficient process but one that nourishes your skin too. Dermatologists have tried, tested, and approved every dermaplaning product we offer, meaning our cleansing primer, dermaplaning razor, and hydration serum are expert-approved and a great fit for any face.

Enhance your skincare routine and experience smooth, radiant skin using our Dermaplaning range.



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