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How to Shave Your Armpits

How to Shave Your Armpits

Tips For Underarm Shaving

There’s more than one way to groom underarm hair. Whether you trim or shave your armpit hair entirely, you’ll need to know how to shave your armpits to get the best results and avoid nasty razor burn. Good news though. All you need are the right tools, like the All Purpose Gillette STYLER, and a bit of knowhow.

Here are our top tips on how to shave armpits like a pro:

  1. Shower and exfoliate to prepare your skin
  2. Choose your underarm hair style
  3. Trim your hairs to avoid clogging the razor
  4. Apply shave gel to protect your skin
  5. Check your razor blades are sharp
  6. Keep the underarm skin taut and shave using light gentle strokes
  7. Rinse your razor when the blade gets clogged
  8. Follow the hair growth and shave in multiple directions
  9. Rinse your underarm and pat dry
  10. Leave a few days in between shaves

Step 1: Prepare Your Skin

When shaving underarms, a little preparation goes a long way. First, make sure you wash your underarms. A shower is a perfect way to do that because the warm water will also soften your hair. This makes it easier to for a gliding action when you start shaving. You should always exfoliate before shaving, to remove dead skin cells and debris. Exfoliating not only gives you a smoother shave, but also prevents ingrown hairs, so use a scrub on your armpit before shaving.

Step 2: Choose your look

Wondering how to groom underarm hair? Do you want to go all the way, or just shorten what you have? The All Purpose Gillette STYLER has three comb attachments to guide your choice, ranging from 6mm to 4mm, and 2mm. This means you can choose to tidy up your underarm hair with a quick trim, or shave it all off.

Step 3: Trim

Note to self, trimming your hair should always be step one. Long hair will clog your razor and cause it to drag over the skin. Because the Gillette STYLER is waterproof, you can get shaving while you’re in the shower.

Step 4: Lather Up with Shave Gel

If you’re going for the completely smooth look, now it’s time to apply some shave gel. This will allow your blades to glide even better over your skin. Lather up to hydrate the hairs for easier removal and to add a layer of protection between your razor and skin.

Simply reapply your shaving gel as needed as you shave. By keeping your skin and the blade lubricated, you’ll avoid razor bumps and minimise the risk of razor burn.

Step 5: Check For Dull Blades

To get maximum results and minimum friction attach a Fusion5™ blade to your STYLER. If you already have one attached, make sure it’s not dull. If the lubrication strips have faded, swap your blade now.

Step 6: Perfect Your Technique

Shaving armpits without afterburn comes down to the technique and products used. Now your skin is prepped, and you’ve checked your blades, reach your hand up and behind your neck to keep your underarm taut. Then move your razor in light, gentle strokes.

Step 7: Rinse and Repeat

Make sure to rinse your blade between strokes. Hair, dead skin and shaving gel all clog up the blades. To keep your blade fresh, rinse the front and back of the razor frequently, and don’t tap your razor or use a towel to dislodge hairs. Doing this will only damage the blade components.

Step 8: Follow the Hair Growth

By shaving in multiple directions across your underarm area, you’ll catch all hair growth. Attach a ProGlide blade which comes with the Gillette STYLER and fits with your Fusion5 cartridge for a close shave across your armpit.

Step 9: Rinse and Dry

Don’t skip this part if you want happy skin at the end! It’s time to rinse all your shaving gel away, pat your skin dry with a clean, fresh towel or allow your underarms to dry naturally. Leave it a good few minutes after drying the area before applying your deodorant to avoid irritation.

Step 10: Allow Your Skin to Recover

Make sure to schedule your shaves so that your skin can recover in between. Leaving two to three days in between shaves allows your skin to repair itself, and cuts down on the chance of irritation and razor burn.

That’s it, our 10 easy steps for how to shave your armpits! To get all the right tools, see

Gillette’s razors and trimmers for easy, pro-level armpit hair removal.

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