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Gillette Sensor Razors & Blades

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Discover the Gillette Sensor Collection

A Comfortable, 3 Blade Shave

The world’s first 3-blade disposable razor, the Gillette Sensor 3 collection is designed with men’s skin in mind.

Complete with 3 powerful, chromium-coated blades, the Gillette Sensor 3 Razor provides a close, comfortable shave for optimal results.

Sensor 3 Blades glide seamlessly over skin with every stroke. Their effective LubraStrip with water-activated ComfortGel is enriched with lubricants to prevent friction and provide a smooth shave.

Despite being disposable, the Gillette Sensor 3 blades are easily rinsed and last up to 10 shaves.

Try them for yourself and transform your morning routine for good.

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Shaving for Sensitive Skin, Made Simple

Shaving can take its toll on your skin, especially if it’s already prone to sensitivity. The Sensor 3 Sensitive Blades are our premium disposable range designed for a close, comfortable shave with its combination of triple blades, ergonomics and smooth lubrication strip with soothing aloe.

We recommend using it alongside the rest of our Sensitive Skincare range to help prep the skin pre-shave and replenish moisture after shaving.

A Reliable, Sensor Refillable Razor

A razor designed to keep the handle and replace the cartridge heads. This razor is effective in neatening beard lines and providing a quick yet reliable shave.

As well as its anti-slip rubber handle for added control and manoeuvrability, the pivoting angle adjusts to the contours of your face, helping to capture each and every hair.