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Gillette's assortment of shaving accessories are designed to help you store your razor safely while keeping your blade clean, dry and free from contaminants that could inhibit its effectiveness.

The best shaving accessories are convenient to carry around with you and will help keep your razor in good condition for longer.

The Gillette Shaving Travel Case

Included in our range of shaving accessories for men who frequently travel, are our shaving travel cases. We have a travel case designed for each of our most popular razors, including a ProGlide Travel case, a Fusion5 travel case and a Mach3 travel case.

Each case features a cushioned interior made of elastomer to give your razor padding and protection against bumps and tumbles. They’re also designed with an innovative ventilation system that allows your razor to airdry naturally while remaining safely in the travel case. This means that you don’t need to towel dry your razor before packing it away.

The Gillette Travel Cover

Another of our travel shaving tools and accessories is our travel cover. Like with our travel case, there’s a cover available for each of our ProGlide, Fusion5 and Mach3 razor models.

Aside from being a great lightweight travel accessory, this cover can help to prevent accidental razor cuts in the bathroom, protecting you or your family.

In a bathroom, there are also bound to be water spills around the counter. The Gillette travel cover helps to keep your razor dry, ensuring your blades remain as effective as possible for as long as possible.

Gillette Mini Hangers and Razor Stand

We also offer shaving accessories to keep your razor stored in your bathroom in a way that can help extend the life of the cartridge. Choose from our Gillette razor stand or mini hanger to promote good hygiene and achieve an effective shave for longer.

We have specific razor stands available for our Fusion5 and Mach3 razors.

For smaller spaces, why not try our mini razor hangers which can be hung up anywhere in the bathroom? No tools are required, and you don’t need to make any holes in your wall to put this hanger up.

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