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The Many Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave

The Many Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave

The hot towel shave has been a staple of the barbershop for decades. Enjoyed by guys who like to infuse a little luxury into their shaving routines, it’s as much a leisure activity as it is an exercise in grooming. The relaxation provided by a hot towel shave is almost universally acknowledged, as is the closeness of the finish. It’s little wonder that so many guys opt to sit in the barbers’ chair every once in a while to experience the sensation offered by the famous hot towel treatment.

But while it’s true that a hot towel shave can be a pleasurable experience, it’s also something that delivers a number of more tangible benefits. Shaving in this way is actually good for your skin, leaving it cleaner and smoother, as well as less prone to irritation.

It Prepares Your Skin for a Shave

One thing it’s important to be clear about is that heat doesn’t actually open up your pores. This is a longstanding misconception that confuses the way your pores work. However, the application of heat does help to clean your face by lifting dirt and impurities from the skin. This makes the shave an altogether easier process, while leaving you with cleaner skin that’s less likely to attract post-shave irritation.

It Makes the Hair Easier to Cut

Equally significant is the way in which a hot towel softens the facial hair. By wrapping your face in a hot towel, the steam serves to moisturise your hair, leaving it in an optimal condition for a shave. Softer hair ultimately leads to less “tug and pull”, providing for increased comfort and less irritation.

It Reduces Irritation

Applying heat to your stubble not only softens the hair, but also pulls any ingrown hairs to the surface of the skin, helping to reduce irritation. What’s more, a hot towel shave can lead to a greater resistance to the type of irritation experienced by many guys when they shave.

It Provides for a Close Shave

Perhaps the leading advantage of a hot towel shave is the finish. The heat from the hot towel perfectly prepares your skin for the razor, and the result is a smoother and cleaner finish than what you can typically expect from a regular shave.

It Can Now Be Enjoyed at the Touch of a Button

Thanks to the Heated Razor from GilletteLabs, the sensation of a hot towel shave can now be enjoyed at the mere push of a button. Fitted with a revolutionary warming bar, the Heated Razor delivers the sustained sensation of a hot towel shave in every stroke. With an adjustable temperature and Gillette’s innovative Flexdisc, you can now experience the comfort and closeness of the barbershop treatment from the comfort of your bathroom.

If you’re interested in reinventing your morning routine, then sign up for the Heated Razor today.

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