Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Skin Preparation

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Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Skin Preparation

The quality of a shave and the condition of the skin is not just influenced by the choice of the right sort of razor. It can equally be impacted by caring for the skin before shaving, as well. That is why the mildly scented Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive range of products does not simply include shaving gels, foams and creams to help men with skin sensitivity as they shave. The range also includes a post-shave balm, a daily use moisturiser as skincare products for use after shaving as well as a face wash that has been specifically designed to help prepare the skin prior to shaving. By preparing skin before each shave with our Face Wash, it helps to soften facial hair, making it easier to cut. Like the other products in the SKIN Ultra Sensitive range, the Face Wash comes in recyclable packaging and has been reviewed and accredited by the British Skin Foundation.

Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Face Wash

Unlike bars of soap, which can dry the skin out, the Gillette SKIN face wash is gentle and helps to purify your face by washing away dirt, oil and dead cells. This product is designed to help all skin types, including dry, oily and, importantly, sensitive skin. It does this by helping to eliminate tightness and dryness. Furthermore, the face wash contains mild-cleansing ingredients but has no parabens, dyes or alcohol in its formulation. The product is infused with Vitamin E and has alow level of menthol for a fresh skin feel. Overall the formula of the SKIN Ultra Sensitive Face Wash helps to promote healthy-looking and feeling skin with every wash while softening facial hair prior to shaving, making them easier to cut.

Gillette ProGlide Skincare Sets

These bundles are a good option to help you get started with your skin preparation routine. Both the skincare set and the starter kit skincare sets contain the aforementioned Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Face Wash to help prepare your skin. By using this every day, even on days when you don't shave, you will help to better prepare your skin for when you shave by helping to remove the debris that can build up on skin. Both sets also include Gillette's SKIN shaving gel, which helps to protect, comfort and cool while shaving, as well as a ProGlide razor blade head and handle featuring FlexBall technology for increased shaving comfort. These sets are completed by our moisturiser that strengthens your skin’s natural barrier. The ProGlide skincare starter kit contains the same products in the SKIN range that are designed to help men with sensitive skin. The only difference is that four razor blade heads are supplied in this set, not one.

Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive Skincare Sets

These bundles of SKIN Ultra Sensitive products come with our face wash to help men with sensitive skin to prepare their skin before shaving. Again, both sets are designed to help men prepare their skin for shaving with a daily-use SKIN Face Wash that helps to remove impurities from the skin. The bundles also include a SkinGuard Sensitive razor handle and blade head, Gillette's first razor specifically designed to help men with sensitive skin. The skincare starter kit has all of the Ultra Sensitive SKIN skincare products mentioned above. However, this set comes with four SkinGuard Sensitive razor blade heads instead of one.

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