Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Skin Protection

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Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Skin Protection

Gillette has gone to great lengths to produce a range of shaving products that will also help to protect the skin when they are used while shaving. With a coordinating mild scent that makes use of fragrance technology designed for sensitive skin, the skin protection products in the SKIN Ultra Sensitive range help to produce better glide during shaves. What's more, each of them has been dermatologically tested by men with sensitive skin over the course of several weeks. Enriched with shea butter and Vitamin E, the range has been reviewed and accredited by the British Skin Foundation. Our SKIN Ultra Sensitive range includes a face wash, three types of shaving preps – foam, gel and cream – as well as skincare products that are designed for use after shaving. The overall formulation of each of the products in the SKIN Ultra Sensitive range aims to offer as much skin protection when shaving as possible while still affording a comfortable and close shave.

Shaving Preparations That Help to Protect Skin

As mentioned, the SKIN Ultra Sensitive range contains a face wash that has been designed to work well on all types of skin including sensitive skin. When applied prior to shaving, it helps to soften facial hair, thereby making it easier to cut. The other three shaving preps in the SKIN range comprise a mousse, a gel and a shaving cream. The SKIN mousse and gel are supplied in an aerosol format while the shave cream has a non-aerosol container. All can be recycled after use. Furthermore, all three of these shaving preparations have formulas that are designed to help provide glide when you shave which makes shaving easier. This means they assist with keeping moisture in the beard hairs during a shave, leaving them softer and easier to cut. Furthermore, the protection they help to afford when shaving is augmented by the lubrication they provide. By creating a thin, cushioning layer of protection between razor blades and the skin, it means less friction is created. This is something that helps avoid common problems, such as razor cuts or the formation of ingrown hairs. In turn, this helps to minimise the risk of redness and potential skin irritation as well as nicks and cuts.

Skincare Products That Assist With Skin Protection

After shaving the SKIN range also includes products that have been formulated to help protect men with sensitive skin. Our post shave balm, for example, has a non-sticky, non-greasy formula that is instantly absorbed into your skin. It helps to reduce the feeling of skin irritation, dryness and razor burn. The SKIN Ultra Sensitive Moisturiser also assists with skin protection while shaving. It hydrates and helps to strengthen the skin's natural barrier. Both skincare products complement our SKIN shaving preparations perfectly with the same mild fragrance.

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