Gillette Fusion5 Razors & Trimmers

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Explore the original Gillette Fusion5 razors and blades. Fusion5 razors feature five anti-friction blades for incredible comfort. Fusion5's advanced shaving system includes a Precision Trimmer for accurate edging and a flexible Comfort Guard for added smoothness. All Fusion5 razors fit all, Fusion5 ProGlide, and Fusion5 blades

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How Should You Clean a Gillette Fusion5 Razor?

To clean Gillette Fusion5 Razor Blades, hold your razor under the tap after every few strokes. Let the water run from the back of your blade to the front to help dislodge excess hair and shaving cream, before shaking it dry.

Avoid tapping your razor on the side of the sink or wiping it on a towel during cleaning, as this can damage the blade, affecting your next shave.

How Many Times Can You Use a Gillette Fusion5 Razor?

Each Fusion5 razor blade refill can last for up to one month of shaves, depending how often you shave. The blade's lubrication strip will fade when you're no longer getting an optimal shave.

You should also stop using your razor blade if it becomes dull or damaged; sharper blades are always better for a more precise shave and to avoid shaving cuts.

How Should You Change a Gillette Fusion5 Razor Blade?

To change your razor blade, hold the two shorter sides of the old blade between your thumb and index finger, pulling the blade upwards. This should release the blade - take care not to touch any of the sharp edges as you set it aside.

To replace your Fusion5 blade, hold the new blade in the same position, inserting it into the top of your razor. Make sure it's secured before using it to shave.