120 years Gillette


120 Years of Gillette

Celebrate 120 Years of Gillette

Celebrate 120 Years of Gillette

Gillette looks back on 120 years with you.

Gillette celebrates its anniversary and looks back on 120 years of history: The invention of the razor by King C. Gillette in 1901 was ground-breaking for all men who wanted a safe and close shave to create individual styles – indeed, King C. himself wore a well-groomed moustache all his life.

Today, the Gillette portfolio includes sophisticated system razors to meet the varying demands of modern men – as well as those of their loved ones. After all, smooth skin creates the basis for closeness, love and tenderness. Besides, as Neil Armstrong said after his return to earth, it is better to shave often – for this reason, the Gillette Techmatic was an essential piece of kit for his space flight!

What shaving memories do you look back on? Have you ever tried a special beard shape or changed your style because of a new living situation? Or have you received special or funny reactions from your partner about your appearance or prickly stubble?

Share your special moments using the hashtag #Don'tMissAKiss or participate in our online raffle on our website https://www.gillette.de/120-years-gillette/ by simply submitting your email address below. You can participate until 11:59 pm on 17th of October 2021, and with a bit of luck, you can win one of 20 prizes– providing even more memorable shaving moments.

For Gillette, there have certainly been many: Not only has technology, design and handling been optimised again and again since the company was founded, while razor blades have been constantly improved, but since April 2021, the entire Gillette portfolio has benefitted from plastic-freeand fully recyclable cardboard packaging, which saves 300 tons of plastic every year across Europe.

Be part of the Gillette story and show us your memorable shaving moments!

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