Gillette Labs Razor with Exfoliating Bar. Effortless Shaving in One Stroke

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Effortless Shaving in One Stroke
Built-In Exfoliating Bar
Maximum Skin Contact
Innovative Docking

Believe the hype. This is the future of shaving and you could be one of the first to get your hands on it.

Gillette Labs is bringing you its biggest launch yet, the NEW Gillette Labs Exfoliating Razor.

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However, if you’re curious to know more, we understand. Read on.

This is our first ever razor with a built-in exfoliation bar to combine shaving and exfoliation into one effortless stroke.

Looking great in your bathroom, and in your hand, the razor’s premium metal handle is beautifully designed and built to last – so much so it comes with a lifetime warranty*. Its magnetic docking station completes the razor’s sleek look, whilst simultaneously keeping your blades clean, dry, and ready to use.

The razor’s new exfoliating bar clears the skin and helps remove dirt and debris before the blades pass for a close and smooth shave. It uses Gillette’s signature 5-bladed technology, combined with a 2D FlexDisc, maximising the blades contact with your skin at every stroke, and adapting to the contours of your face.

Smooth strokes and smooth skin. Your day just got more effortless.

Gillette Labs is also introducing a new range of shave and skin care products to give you the best quality shave. A quick rinse shave foam or rapid foaming shave gel to help protect your skin from shaving irritation, as well as a lightweight and hydrating moisturiser.

*Lifetime of original purchaser / recipient. Retain receipt. Visit for full T&Cs.

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