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Shaving Armpits Reduces Body Odour in Men

Shaving Armpits Reduces Body Odour in Men

Shaving the armpits is something many women do for aesthetic and hygiene reasons, but it’s becoming increasingly popular for men too.

Some sportsmen like to remove all of their body hair, while other guys like to shave their underarms purely for aesthetic reasons.

Of course, there are hygiene benefits too, with research presented by Gillette at the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver in June 2015 showing that shaving under your arms is proven to significantly reduce body odour.

Whether you struggle in the heat, work out a lot or often find yourself feeling stressed, consider shaving your armpits with a little help from Gillette.

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Getting Under the Skin of Underarm Odour

In a clinical study, trained ‘expert noses’ assessed the underarm odour of 30 men;

  • Before they washed or shaved their armpits;
  • 5 minutes after they’d washed under their arms with soap; and
  • 5 minutes after they’ve washed their armpits with soap and shaved their armpits using a razor.

Overall, it was found that shaving was 2.5 times more effective than washing with soap alone at reducing underarm odour. After men had washed their armpits with soap, their body odour was found to reduce by 23%. However, after shaving and soap washing, there was a 57% reduction in body odour, showing a clear benefit to removing armpit hair.

In contrast, it was found that trimming armpit hair with scissors only reduced body odour by 27%, making it little more effective than simply washing with soap.

What’s more, the benefits of shaving could be smelt for days; the 57% reduction in body odour was evident after one day, a 40% reduction was evident on day two and a 30% reduction was still there on day three. This means that three days after shaving, the effects were still greater than those on the first day after washing with soap.

This is because using a razor on your underarm skin helps to remove dried sebum, debris and trapped odorants, which can all be responsible for causing an unpleasant odour after exercise or after a hot day.

How to Shave Your Armpits

Here’s how to shave your armpits and benefit from that proven reduction in body odour this summer:

Trim Longer Hairs

If you’re shaving under your arms for the first time, you’ll need to trim longer hairs first to prevent painful tugging and pulling when you eventually start shaving and to stop your razor from getting clogged.

The Gillette All Purpose Styler and Beard Trimmer can also be used as a body hair trimmer and there’s a choice of three different comb lengths (2mm, 4mm and 6mm), depending on how long your armpit hair is to start with.

Wash with Soap

Next, you need to wash under your arms with soap – remember, the research showed this led to a 23% reduction in body odour by itself, as it helps to removed dried sebum and other unpleasant smelling debris.

Apply Shaving Gel/Foam

Create a lather under your arms with a shaving gel or foam that’s designed for sensitive skin to provide lubrication and protection from shaving cuts.

Shave with the Right Razor

The Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor features three stronger-than-steel blades, a long-lasting comfort gel bar and a microfin skin guard that stretches the skin, preparing hair to be cut.

Of course, it should go without saying that you should use a different blade to the one you use on your face, so make sure you’re keeping your supply of razor blades well-stocked.

Soothe and Hydrate Your Skin

Complete your underarm grooming by applying a mild anti-perspirant or deodorant that’s designed for sensitive skin to keep the area hydrated, soothed and protected.

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