Be Your Best

Professor Green and Josh Coombes Discuss the Importance of Role Models

This Father’s Day, Gillette is celebrating the role models that help men be their best, and we’re encouraging everyone to thank the people who’ve made a difference in their lives.

To understand the importance of role models and community in the shaping of young men, we brought musician and documentary-maker, Professor Green, and #DoSomethingForNothing founder, Josh Coombes, together to share their experiences.

Set with the task of assembling a barbershop chair, the two men recalled what it was like growing up without a biological father at home. Both explain that a father figure wasn’t necessarily something they were lacking, and that they both learned vital life lessons from other sources.

Green and Coombes both agree that, in the absence of a father, you can find role models from elsewhere. As Green explains, being without a dad doesn’t have to stop you learning. It just means you might have to go about it in a different way. In the film, they talk about the importance of community, and how even the greatest individual achievements are overshadowed by the feeling of doing something positive with others.

To become the men and the role models they are today, both Pro Green and Josh recognise they likely wouldn’t be in the place they are today without having the experiences and role models they had when growing up.

This Father’s Day, join us in thanking the people who’ve made a difference in your life. #MyRoleModel



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